2023 NFL Pool Week 11 Picks

Wow those Steelers allowed a rookie quarterback for the Browns to lead his team to a win?!

Kenny Pickett needs to ride pine for the rest of the season.

Note that Pittsburgh somehow lost even with no turnovers and 172 yards net rushing, which is historically uncharacteristic for the Steelers.

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I’m going to opt for Seahawks at Rams over Jets at Bills until the Grey Cup starts.

I’ve seen enough of especially those two teams for TWO seasons at this point, including that craptastic display by the Bills to lose at home on Monday night.

most of the games kinda suck yes but I will probably still manage to go like 2 -4 lol


Me too. I’m going with Seahawks/Rams as well. Best game of the week is tomorrow.

Is there a CFL game on today?

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can’t remember. :thinking:

I should learn to not pick Minnesota two weeks in a row…finding new and not so exciting ways to lose in the closing seconds…


I’m doing terrible again but squeaked one out with Denver or it could have been horrendous.

Note to all: I will post next week’s picks tomorrow and remember there will be one Thursday Thanksgiving game on the schedule so pick early.


I with you on this one.

Same thing happens to me every week. I start out 2-0 or 3-0 and then it all goes downhill.


Those damn Eagles.

BTW @Jon nice pfp. It really suits you :rofl:

Oh so that’s what is meant by pfp. Someone else used that but I didn’t know what the abbreviation meant. I still don’t but get that you are referring to my temporary avatar. I’ll sport it for a week, clean up the bird poop and then get back to normal.