2023 NFL playoff discussion thread

Getting Mahomes to jog ALL THE WAY to the sidelines on that sore ankle on short yardage situations will be like getting a cat to do something it doesn't want to do.

I'm already visualizing poor Coach Andy Reid down on his knees begging his crippled QB to please, please, pretty please come off the friggin field...

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It’s the kind of injury that could get worse and even require surgery if it gets bad enough according to the link I posted a day or two ago somewhere.

I don’t know if Mahomes has significant bonus money for getting to or winning the Super Bowl but the players share for winning is peanuts for a guy like him. I doubt money would motivate him at all.

He wants to win and will play unless he is ordered not to. He might not be effective or last very long or platoon with Henne. His type of injury is usually 4-6 weeks minimum and right now he’s probably in a walking boot or air cast and it will get worse this week before it gets better. Doubtful he’ll practice at all. Im guessing he’ll be 50% at best if he can even play.


this was a big collision


Connective tissue seems to heal in its own time for sure. I was thinking platooning with Henne would be the answer - play Mahomes if you have to kind of deal. It would give Reid a chance to have a significantly different game plan for each which makes life a little difficult for defences.


I agree and I think the information on Mahomes is part of the workings on larger battle strategy.

Mahomes will be dressed and ready to play, but how much with limits upon his effectiveness is the question that breeds bigger questions for the game plan and thus more mystery for the defense just as you cite here.

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Based on your comments and a post I made I opened an updated regular season thread as last year’s has ended. I will move your comment and response there.

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Way too many people talking about this. As a Niner fan i'd appreciate if we'd all just move on from this one :slight_smile:

what do you mean? talking about Robbie Gould?

Yes. You're all gonna jinx him.


ohhh hah sorry i’m clueless :joy:

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And just like that, voila, Mahomes "full participant."

The narrative early in the week about him not playing or very limited or whatever was just that, and that is a common ploy by teams early in the week whether or not it is the playoffs.

Usually when it's so bad that the quarterback can't play, it is almost obvious enough and the team simply makes an early announcement that the player is out for an extended time.

But when it's day-to-day and they are working on the player to do whatever they need to do to get him through one game, there they go with the speculation narrative announcement about the player "not playing" and of course prudently warming up the backup.

But now damn right Mahomes plays though of course he cannot be himself like before the injury.

** Lamar Jackson hangs head in shame **