2023 NFL playoff discussion thread

i was advised that we needed an NFL Playoff discussion thread that is separate from the regular season and playoff pool threads.


Sunday, January 29th:

San Francisco at Philadelphia 2:00 pm
Cincinnati at Kansas City 5:30 pm

Both times Central.

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Great idea. Also separate from game tracker threads but should get lots of mileage.

The first question is who is Dallas most likely to face in the Super Bowl?

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they will have to beat the Vikings at some point before that happens

It would be great if they could play them but that is unlikely to happen. It would be like a bye.

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my superb owl matchup preference(s) - Bills vs Eagles or Bengals vs Vikings (or Bills vs Vikings or Bengals vs Eagles)

these are not the matchups i think will happen, but the ones i want to see.

lol i’m just taunting you with the Vikings thing. i don’t actually think they’ll meet.

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Cowboys vs anyone for me.

You do know that the Viqueens have a negative (less than zero) chance of making the SB?

that ok. whoever wins the NFC is going to get destroyed by one of the AFC big three, and the vikings would look the best of the NFC losers in their beautiful purple attire.

Blecch! :face_vomiting:


to be fair, i think i would prefer the eagles over the vikings in the SB.

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I like your thinking!


sure hope for Tua's sake that he doesnt play. MIami has no possible home games at stake and <1% chance of winning the SB, or even going to it.

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Interesting take on myths about the 14 playoff teams.

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Also, it appears that Lamar Jackson is unlikely to play, severely damaging Baltimore's chances.


yea i saw that. disappointing season for LJ all around in a contract year, but he should still get paid. at the beginning of the season, the Ravens were one of my SB favs but they couldn’t put it together consistently enough and LJ getting hurt was a big blow. even if he comes back, how good will he be right away. his legs are his main weapons.


I would have kept my pick of the Bengals anyway.

We've seen this story line so many times before with a mobile quarterback in the NFL.

They get hurt too much and despite shining and surprising and upsetting, and those guys who dominated in college around comparatively some school yard kids for highlights just don't last at the pro level because the hits are just that much harder and faster.

As another example, Hurts of the Eagles has even encountered difficulty recently and played hurt in the last game so they could buy a week off, and he should be fine but is on shakier ground after a season of serious battering one way or the other.

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yes this.
Robert Griffin 3rd is the poster child for exceptional running quarterbacks who got injured early in their careers and were never the same.


I never knew this.

For the playoffs ONLY, and I like it for the playoffs ONLY,

For the playoffs only, both teams must have the opportunity to possess the ball. Gone are the days of winning the toss, scoring a touchdown and ending the game.