2023 Head Coach

I'd be leaning toward Dyce, but I wonder what the options will be.


Either Bob Dyce or Buck Pierce for HC, Paul Lapolice for OC and Danny McManus for GM.

I don't think Lapo is coming back as OC after just being fired. I also don't think they're going to change GMs quite yet. Burke's only had one year, and his biggest acquisition got cheap-shotted out for the season. They'll give him another chance to build up the team, I think.


LaPo? You don't bring back a man you just fired.

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If McManus becomes the OC then he can rightfully claim to LaPo that he wasn't the guy who fired him. Also, bringing back LaPo would save them the salary they'd pay out anyway for firing him.

Would you go back to a company who fired you to be subordinate to a man who used to be your subordinate? I certainly wouldn't. A man has his pride you know. I think Dyce should get the nod for HC, the other positions I don't really care about.

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I'm okay with retaining Bob Dyce as Ottawa's HC. It's GM Shawn Burke who ought to go. Bob Dyce has no chance of succeeding with that guy picking the talent. McManus at least recognizes a winner when he sees one.

I also think the fans would balk at the idea.

Last game I went to, during the player intros, my wife asked me what's going on.

I explained that they were introducing the players.

She asked why nobody was cheering. I just had to shrug.

Then, they introduced the head coach.

Everyone booed.



Than it's a good thing that no team ever introduces the OC. Mind you if Ottawa fans are so ticked off with LaPo that he stinks out the joint BEFORE the game even starts then it's time to move on.

In that case I nominate Khari Jones as my OC pick for Ottawa.


Acklin actually reinjured the shoulder in practice but original injury was from a cheapshot agree

Farhan Lalji


Hearing the #RedBlacks have their shortlist for their head coaching position: šŸˆ Mark Washington (DC #TiCats) šŸˆ Corey Mace (DC #Argos) šŸˆ Bob Dyce Iā€™d expect shortlisted candidates to come to Ottawa later this week for in person interviews. Decision expected by Mon.


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And the team has chosen to stick with Dyce!

This could be a very player-friendly coaching staff. That doesn't always work out so well, but sometimes it clicks.

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Yup, they decided to roll the dice, and came up with Dyce .

Who would have thought?