2023 Grey Cup Game Thread- Winnipeg vs Montreal

Super side note, despite being on the other side of the world in HK to watch the game, I happen to be on a plane with a bunch of Bomber fans returning from the Grey Cup in Hamilton.


Looking for some historical perspective—where does the Als’ win rank among all-time GC upsets? And what about last year’s upset?

I would say its similar to lastyear in that they were teams going into PO’s on a roll.
But as far as historical upsets? Waaayyy down the list.
They were underdogs, but not by much.


Agreed the back half of the season showed to be quite good…

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While wearing a giant bird mask over his head. Who could take that prediction seriously?

Jamal Richardson? Should have been Als MOP selection in 2011 over AC.

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I remember now that something was messed up when I first logged in, but I backed out and re-entered and everything was fine. Needless to say, the outcome pushed my memory of the glitch completely out of my mind.

I thought they were 8 point underdogs which is fairly big.

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The TSN announcers did not pick up on this, but it was NOT THE WR, it was the punter who caught the pass. Number 18;

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No. Much earlier….DL Dickie Harris from ‘77.
Jamal was a BEAST, I agree with that.

Dickie Harris!!

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Yeah. The Als lured him away from the NFL’s Jets. Believe it or not, salaries between the two leagues were comparable back then.

I seem to remember he was an elite DB and that he returned punts. Maybe in the days before blocking was permitted on punts.

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And Larry Smith’s brother-in-law.

There should be a “ most creative” award.
Larry Smith for putting staples in his shoes in the famous ice bowl at the Olympic stadium.

Edit. Tony Proudfoot.


Tony Proudfoot’s idea; not Smith

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Thank you MadJack for correcting me!

Any other father-son GC champions besides the Philpots?

Really? Are you funnin’ me?

I can’t find a link but Harris married Smith’s sister.