2023 GCC Pool week 18 Results and standings

That was an epic collapse. My condolences. :smile:

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Below is a link to my brief explanation last year which contains a link to Abbey’s 2021 rules.


Still a Lions fan (missed the game). Sounds like I missed a good one, even if we lost.


It was an amazing game for sure. But the Lions gave it away. Tale of two halves for VA.

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The Bomber fans I know of in the pool or are almost certain of are:


Total: 14

If I wrongly included one or someone isn’t included they can let us know.

Perhaps an Als fan or a fan of any other team can weigh in with their count of fans for their team.

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Thanks for all your work, GG! It’s all very much appreciated. :grinning:


Are you sure usc4dav is a Bomber fan? I’ve never quite figured that out.:wink:


Yeah that’s a good idea. I’m really curious about how many Argo fans also.

I’m not sure there are any since CapitalDave bailed on the pool, but one of the ones I don’t know about could be an Argo fan.


Looking at this weeks results it’s really apparent how important the two tie-breakers will be.

For example you’ve got 8 people tied with 49 wins each. But even the Perfect weeks don’t clear up the log jam since half of that group are all tied with 5 each. You still need the secondary Points tie-breaker to make sense of it all.

This all tells me that there are some very knowledgable CFL fans here. Most people are doing very well.


I saw that too. I take it as another sign the apocalypse is nigh :grin:


Well that’s that then , it is what I thought all along and this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a rigged poll . I could be wrong but from what I have heard it might have something to do with Venezuela and faulty pooling machines . I want a full investigation into this obvious stolen poll from those dirty rotten no good Bomber radicals . :wink:


when the bombers win, the narrative is that they are the best of the best of the best.

when they lose, it seems the narrative turns into the officials are stealing it from them and gifting calls to the opposition.

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haha i’m just stirring the pot a bit :laughing:

I actually think that game was evenly called and the better team won in the end. If a team can’t close out the game when ahead by that much and let the other team have as many second half chances as the Bombers did, it is playing with fire. Lions deserved the burn they got and hopefully they learn from it.


I will do my best to stop the steal.


@jon is not our voice, however he is most often the first to respond, the first to defend…and a TRUE Blue Bombers fan plus he does love alternative facts LOL, BTW have you seen our @Lyle_B_Style, he is the anti Jon, Lyle’s posts equals Jon’s posts…we could just call it a wash. The rest of us are somewhere between those two. @GridironGirl , I know you’re just giving our Bombers group a hard time, all in fun…but, the fun is not over yet, there is a very high % chance we will seeing this saga again "BC / Winnipeg IV this time it’s personal.
Sorry @disciplineandpunish for stealing your copyrighted line, fair warning if you choose to take action against me, I plan to be represented by HLMA&P barrister and solicitor
@Hit.em.hard, @LetsGoBlue love a good battle, @Maaax, @Arnie & @Paolo_X, will build an indefensible defense, “like the world has never seen before” Sorry @DTrump for stealing your copyrighted line.


I’m not actually very good at the post game trash talk thing so probably best to take any shots at Bombers fans I make with a grain of salt.


Isn’t it a funny thing. I’m the longest-serving Bomber fan, awareness of games goes back to late 50s w/ many bomber friends & tremendous Bomber memories.
If you notice closely I rarely (if ever) take shots at opposing team’s fans. Something I learned in the 70s when taking a bus trip from Brian Chivers tours. After boarding our bus to return home to Winnipeg after a rare victory vs. the Riders at Taylor Field, Rider fans (the loser types obviously) started rocking our bus physically. Lots of Rider fans near as big as Andrea the Giant or Big John Dudd. I thought we were gonna tip overboard, lots of panic after that well-deserved win.

I respect almost all CFL fans and am friends with so many. The one exception was a bed-wetter from BC named Lyin’ Guy, this piece of trash followed me from one site to another and his sole purpose was yapping after me, little content about the CFL or actual games. When Riderfans finally banned me for being more of an anti-Bomber guy than they were, Lyin’ Guy died a slow death. He no longer had a purpose in life.

SO Happy Thanksgiving to all CFL fans, even the odd desperado - and even the bedwetting thumb-suckers like Lyin’ Guy.


Trash talk, smash talk whatever it’s called, not for all.
I’m mostly board, my beloved team is enjoying a bye week…but there’s still lots of jockeying going on. Some teams resting while playing others who looking for a position. An exciting CFL week coming up ( for some) and Winnipeg is a spectator. I’m just killing time.