2023 Elks Discussion

Figure we should start one of these here. Mostly quiet offseason so far, resigning some important pieces and grabbing one of BC’s corners.

I’d really like to see us focus almost exclusively on defense. Our offense was anemic but our defense was so bad it almost set records. Nobody else was even in the same galaxy in terms of points allowed per game.

Nobody else was 5 position coaches short while trying to rebuild either. If you notice we hired an O-line coach. We didn't fire or release one, but we hired one.
I also know we were short a special teams coach bit I am not sure which others we were missing.
Given that information - some of our coaches must have been doubling up and that means less time with your specialty. With limited practice time, it all kind of spirals into not enough time to coach each group and with a lot of rookies - that ain't good.


Geroy Simon sounding positive about the season ahead and mentions adding a few pieces in FA. Winning big is the plan.

Happy for Geroy who seems to be fitting in quite well in the new role.

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Elks have been working on resigning guys. I think there are 14 guys left on the FA list with signings nearly every day.

Do you work for the Elks?

Nope. Just a lifelong fan. If you look on the CFL.ca page, on the link banner, there is a link to the FA list. The list is being kept up to date as to who has been signed released etc.

A guy has to stay optimistic, anything has to be better than the last 2 years🤮


You do a good job of staying on top of things.

Checked out Daniel Ross after Jones mentioned it and that will be a solid middle with him and Pelley. I expect the fans will soon be back.

Tough loss with Saulsberry and something no one wants to hear about.

Would be but Pelly is off to the NFL. Wasn't a big announcement or anything. Sort of double sucks since we picked him in the supplemental draft and because of that we lost a pick in this years draft and we loose Pelly.

I see that he declared. Hasn't played a lot of football so not sure if he gets drafted or not. Obviously he has the size to play.

He had 16 games so probably enough game film for a scout to see if there is something they like.

And we have an even longer way to go.


The Elks recorded a net operating loss of $1.1 million in 2021 and another losing season is unlikely to see that number improve much when the publicly-owned team releases their latest financials in May. Improved performance from players and coaches will be critical to turning things around but other factors will play a role as well.

I did my part, renewed my tickets, let's see if the team can do theirs.

You would not have bought the tickets if you thought the team did not have a chance to be competitive and are seeing the same promise as many others. I think you are in for a fun season ahead.

Don't know how many years I've got left, I'd like to see them turn things around before I'm done. They've got a lot of work to do and it's not gonna be easy. Way too many years of taking things for granted.

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I think Cui has the right mindset and forward-thinkers like him and Amar Doman in BC are the type of people the CFL needs in executive positions. The Elks haven't seen a winning season since 2017, but BC also had a string of losing seasons before finding success last year. If they can put it back together, so can we. Our player talent was not completely absent last season and if we can bring on more coaching specialists that would help lessen the workload for the staff. If Tre can be the guy we need him to be, it's looking up.


Ask yourself where is Chris jones today. Elks are headed in the right direction imo.

Love him


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I personally love the guaranteed win zone where they get a free ticket for the next game if the Elks lose. Could be fun in itself and a winner either way if they did win. Or lose.

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This will help too. Riders didn't want to pay his bonus money so they released him.....to play next to Ceresna......