2023 CFL Playoff games to be played on Saturday’s — Randy Ambroise & CFL

Posters on our forum were calling for Saturday Playoff games again , the CFL management listened and next year playoff games are to be played on Saturdays, from Randy Ambroises ‘ press conference…..
Grey Cup to remain a Sunday game …..


This should really be CFL topic. Why Hamilton only?


To be honest , I only chat on the TiCat forum & didn’t know how to post on CFL forum , excuse, happy for the Saturday games in playoffs ….

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You just have to select the CFL talk category when creating the thread. Some of us more timid members are scared to stick our toes into team forums. :grimacing:. I'll be brave and state that it really doesn't matter too much to me which day they are played on. Others seem to have much stronger opinions, though. I'll go with the flow.

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Here is the story

“I’m happy to tell all of you that, thanks to our teams, starting in 2023 our playoff games — the Western and Eastern Semi-Final and the Western and Eastern Finals — are going to be played on Saturday,” Ambrosie said.

“That is a big shoutout to our nine teams and our nine presidents for their leadership, and also a big shoutout to TSN for their help in making that change happen.”

The CFL rarely plays games on Sundays throughout the regular season, avoiding head-to-head matchups against the NFL schedule. However, that has always changed for the playoffs, a strategy some have questioned in recent years.

Despite being the top sports broadcast of the day, this year’s Divisional Semi-Finals saw a 27 percent decline in television viewership from the previous season. The Divisional Final weekend dropped 17 percent, with the West Final reaching 1.2 million viewers and the East Final attracting 629,000 on English-language television. Those numbers do not include viewership from RDS, TSN’s French-language counterpart.

While the CFL believes a shift away from Sundays could boost their playoff numbers, the Grey Cup will remain on Sundays for now. However, Ambrosie says the league remains in conversation about changing that as well.


So he's basically saying no to the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup pairing.


He and the CFL doesn't care about growing the game domestically at all .

Useless bunch .


I agree.

Now having second thoughts about investing in the CFL.

It's decisions like this that drive fans away from the CFL towards the NFL.

All because fans want to walk and chew gum at the same time.

That requires skill and finesse which doesn't seem to be the commissioner's strength.

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I’m just glad the CFL and TSN are finally listening


I have no problems with Saturday playoff games. It will give an extra day of rest between the division finals and CG.

I wonder if they're still go with 1pm and 4:30 pm EST. Can't see them doing a prime time and going against HNIC.

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Thinking that myself I will watch U sports and forget the CFL

until they actually want to work with grass roots football which I doubt will ever happen .

I can watch the NFL for a fix but won't bother with a league who continues to piss on grass roots football in this country .

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Unfortunately I paid for next season.

Might as well give it the old college try.

Not sure it's headed into anything positive next year or after .

It's just a piece of the chess board

for a Toronto centric corporation with NFL aspirations .

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At this rate I personally won't have an issue with the NFL coming to Toronto as the CFL clearly shown they don't care for the fans that stuck by them threw the good and bad.

Ambrosie full of hot air at the moment.

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Me too

they are doing everything they can to make it happen .

Piss off the die hards who still care until they drop away .

Pissing on our grass roots development unlike the NFL who are by law not allowed to do that who don't play on Saturdays so the college game survives and thrives .

Might as well bring on the NFL in Toronto and call it quits why bother there is no pride in this league .

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It's a Canadian thing to be ashamed of their league.

But at least we got "Free Health care"

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If the playoffs don't move to CTV, don't expect much different in ratings.


Oh my.... please speak for yourself and not others.


I'm happy for this.

better chance to travel and see games live and in person.


Saturday is sooo much better for me.
4pm kickoff for the East and 7:30 for the West game would be ideal. I love it.
To grow the game they have to be willing to try new things. 80% of my friends will watch their beloved NFL teams on a Sunday ( Cowboys , 49rs, Bills, Eagles,) no matter what.Times have changed. NFL Sunday all day on CTV is now a reality that is not going away.