2023 CFL Draft . .

I think they can opt out of that draft too. Anyway, if they report to any team in our fair league during the upcoming season I don't see anything stopping them from getting away with their naughty draft dodging ruse.

My worry is that others will follow their lead in the coming years.

I have no idea why Mittal would want to play another season in usports for free and risk injury, he was so dominant, a man among boys last year, playing another year will do absolutely nothing for his development.

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Our sperm is more potent than the Americans :slight_smile:

Perhaps to get an education just in case he gets injured or his career doesn’t work out?

Other than the fact that the CFL has to register their contracts and is kind of attached to the idea of the CFL draft.

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Will the event be televised on some platform?

First 2 rounds will be on TSN, thats it! :roll_eyes:


Radio, not TV, but:

But you'd have to listen to Michael Ball. Granted he's better than Rod Black was, but still not exactly top of the heap.

Here's 3DN's early mock draft, the first three rounds anyhow.

Of note, this mock draft includes the extra territorial picks between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. But I think I read that those picks were being dropped from the draft rules. Anyone have insight into this?

Also, fun to compare this latest list with early predictions from last summer. Some same names but many changes. I suspect much of the change is due to NFL interest, like the Brown brothers.

With National players getting shuffled back behind Globals and roster size limits it might be interesting if the CFL rules committee decided to make a minimum roster requirement of two first year drafted players per team to encourage player development.

National players are not getting shuffled back behind Globals. They're getting suffled back behind veteran Americans.

I haven't looked at rosters to check, but my guess is that rosters usually have at least two first-year draft players already...unless you mean mandating rookie Nationals as starters.

Was only thinking of them as part of the 46 player game day roster and only thought of it after reading the draft preview and wondering if draft picks are really getting a shot to play.

Almost seems like the draft and signing a player to a three year ELC is a curse to carry and develop only to see the player move on to get paid after the ELC is up. May as well just pay the big bucks and forget about development or at least reduce the emphasis on recruiting. Chris Jones being an exception to that rule.

Maybe a salary cap exemption for those qualifying players with the same agenda of getting them on the field and gaining experience would work. Jones would love that rule.

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Interesting streak of schools having players drafted in consecutive years.

The Dinos were pretty bad in 2022--could their streak come to an end soon?

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Here's an interesting piece on recent 1st-round pick receivers and their relative lack of success.

I'm thinking the Philpot brothers will break the trend in the next few seasons, but over the last ten years, early receiver picks have not panned out so well. I still think someone is drafting Jared Wayne in the 1st round this year and that he'll be an impactful player, but we'll see.

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Argos have been drafting well the past several years. The Als . . . not so well.


And it is only 18 selections. It should cover 4 rounds in 2 hours, which generates much more interest

Alouettes have big Geno shoes to fill...


I didn't see it mentioned but the 12th was traded back to Ottawa for Woodly Apollon by the Elks.