2023 CFL Draft . .

Is it too early to start looking forward to the draft?

I bet a lot of teams are hoping the Hec Crighton winner declares his intention to turn pro.


I'm looking forward to seeing how the new format comes together.

Here's the draft order for the first two rounds, according to wikipedia:

Round one[edit]

Round two[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position University
10 Ottawa Redblacks
Edmonton Elks Selection forfeited [4]
11 Saskatchewan Roughriders
12 Edmonton Elks (via Hamilton[trade 2])
13 Montreal Alouettes
Calgary Stampeders Selection forfeited [4]
14 BC Lions
15 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
16 Toronto Argonauts
17T Ottawa Redblacks
18T Edmonton Elks

It is never early to discuss the Draft!!!


Progress is a good thing. This is a much better opportunity for teams to evaluate all of the talent in one setting plus the ability for coaches to be more hands on can only be a positive as well.

It’s also nice to see they are conducting a Kicking Combine. I am particularly interested in that.

With the Bombers selecting 8th and 15th, 20(23) will be another great season.

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And with the 8th overall pick in the 2023 CFL Draft, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers take, 'Guy who could easily make the team but will opt to try out for the NFL instead'.


i love how when i posted a draft thread a while back, some dudes dissed me saying the CFL draft wasn’t important etc. lol

i wonder if the Lions might make a trade to get a first round pick back (that they gave up in the VA trade). :thinking:

They could trade Rourke's rights to Hamilton... :wink:


Lots of great OL and receivers to choose from this draft. I'll be looking forward to who ends up on the Bombers next year. I wouldn't mind seeing another DL drafted to backup Jake Thomas and rotate with Cam Lawson. Lwal Uguak (6'5, 280 lbs) comes to mind as a good choice.

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Any word on when the winter rankings are coming out?

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here were the fall rankings. not sure when next one will be released :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks. Last year, I think they came out around Jan 12, but previous years they were out in December. Maybe that mid-January release is the new normal. I'm hoping to see more USports names on the list. The early rankings are very NCAA-heavy.

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Some potential draftees showcasing their skills down south:



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Maybe they’re more interested in gaining playing time/ experience and declaring for the NFL draft in 2024. If they get picked in the CFL draft they are likely stuck
in a backup role for a year or two.

If I were Shawn Burke, I think I might take the kid from Peterborough, Jared Wayne. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to further bolster their O-line, though.

The 2023 CFL Draft will take place on Tuesday, May 2 at 8:00 p.m. EDT. The first-round selections will take place in the following order: Ottawa (1); Edmonton (2); Saskatchewan (3); Calgary via Hamilton (4); Montreal (5); Hamilton via Calgary (6); Montreal via B.C. (7); Winnipeg (8); and B.C. via Toronto (9).

Only if they sign

Here's a thought that just popped into my head... maybe by opting out of the draft these two guys will have the best of both worlds. They'll both get NFL tryouts followed by careers with whichever CFL team THEY choose to play on.

Last time I looked undrafted players could go wherever they liked.

Yet another way in which the CFL is superior to the NFL:


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Won't they just get selected in the 2024 CFL draft?

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