2023 CFL draft order

  1. Ottawa Redblacks
  2. Edmonton Elks
  3. Sask Riders

Hey bartender, I'll have 2 drafts please :beer::beer:


hah one is enough for me

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I've suggested this elsewhere, too, but I'd like to see the bottom three draft order reversed, as a small way to discourage bottom teams from not fielding their best lineup during the final few weeks of the season.

I'd also give that 7th seed one of the extra, regional draft picks. Currently, it's just the 8th and 9th who get that.

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i wish NHL reversed draft order for teams at bottom of regular season standing to discourage tanking for draft.

They do have a lottery though. That is why Edmonton isn’t the worst team in the league. They won the lottery.

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i hate the lottery format as it is

Two drafts and two shots of Jameson

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Yeah nothing is perfect. Neither is giving the 7th place team first pick in the CFL. They could be 6-12 say while the last place team could be 1-17 without tanking and deserve the pick more. If teams would tank to finish ninth they would also tank to finish seventh if the opportunity presented itself. The Sabres clearly tanked to get McDavid (who wouldn’t) but it backfired because of the lottery. In my opinion Edmonton didn’t deserve a third crack at finally nailing the #1 overall pick. That has now been fixed I believe with set limits on being able to win the lottery and picking first overall.

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CFL draft rarely makes any difference

No, it does. You're just being short-sighted.

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But some of those Edmonton teams were AWFUL and won most of those lotteries because they had the best odds to do so.

Yeah but they botched their picks from those years. They didn’t deserve the McDavid pick and that set Buffalo, truly the worst team at the time, back many years. In fact they haven’t even made the playoffs since then. It’s doubtful that Edmonton would make the playoffs today without McDavid.

They have drafted more poorly than probably any other team, except for Draisaitl. They don’t get credit for McDavid as that required no skill, like drafting Hawerchuk or Lemieux or Crosby or Lafleur first overall. Sure hall of famers all of them. Franchise makers. Yakupov was one of the worst first overall picks in history and a complete swing and a miss. RNG is a decent player but hardly what you would want from a first overall pick and not close to the best player in his draft year so I would consider that a miss as well.

On an unrelated note I see that the Oilers coughed up a two goal third period lead tonight to lose to the Devils at home. Worse yet the Flames lost to the bottom feeding Predators at home as well. Not a good night for Alberta hockey.

I’ll be quite honest. I am not sure that even with McDavid Buffalo would been any better then a perennial wildcard team. So yes it set them back but I think they are on there way to that spot already with their younger players.

Side question does any league have a fair way to give the worst team the best pick without encouraging tanking? Because I like the draft in that it doesn’t guarantee 1st overall if you try and lose, but it also screws teams like the 2020 Detroit Dead Things who were historically bad that season and Ended up picking 4th overall.

Like most things in sports it seems there isn’t a perfect way to do anything in my opinion. Playoff qualification, draft etc. The best way to draft is a tough one. I’m probably partial to drafting in order of finish if the schedule is reasonably balanced. I don’t like perennial losers such as Buffalo with McDavid and Detroit as you mention not getting the opportunity to draft the best player when they need that player the most.

the teams that only build with the draft tends to not be very successful. You could easily see in the past when the super stars were going to be in the draft that team were deliberately tanking games. It was comical at times.

Yes we’ve all seen that or more commonly teams trading away some or all of their best players before the trade deadline to ensure they are uncompetitive for the rest of the year. It is also sadly comical when the Oilers get their third #1 overall pick in a short span and are allowed to make up for their previous drafting incompetence. At least that black comedy has been fixed under the new rules but the lottery system has it’s own inherent weaknesses.

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No matter how it gets done teams will like for way to legally cheat it

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It actually does.

Both Philpot brothers look to be future stars in the league.

Makonzo is a ratio breaker at SLB

Richards will come back healthy and ready to compete at MLB or WLB.

McKellar will be a starting LG or RG

Ford should be given a chance at QB and his twin brother was able to run step for step with Lucky Whitehead.

Dalke was a huge steal

Smith in Hamilton

One of the Appolon brothers was supposed to be a starter at WLB for the Elks at the start of the season.

And I guarantee that many draft picks from 2022 will take a big step foward in 2023.


Hamilton's already knocked it out of the park with their upcoming second round pick. :smiley: :+1: