2023 Blue Bombers

Bombers are looking scary good again, can they make it 4 straight GC trips?

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Just got word that Dalton Schoen hasn't received any NFL offers and is poised to return to the Bombers next season. Bombers better be prepared to pay him more than CFL rookie salary as he'd be as good as gone in '24. Instead of $75k, pay the kid at least $110-$120k.

That said I expect Schoen's outstanding '23 numbers to decline some in '24, mostly due to having the CFL's top gun WR, Kenny Lawler in their lineup. Lawler might be up for Milt Stegall numbers. Schoen, more like Weston Dressler.

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Might have to hit up the 50 / 50 fund to find money for Schoen. They can extend him and give him a signing bonus similar to what Edmonton did with Dillon Mitchell if they want to keep him happy. Small chance he puts up much resistance if he doesn't get a bump but he could play USFL for the same CFL ELC level money paid in U.S. dollars. Doubt the Bombers would release him.

Many targets for Zach Collaros should make it interesting. Once again all in on the offense though and hoping for the best on D. An open minded guy might look at Davon Coleman.

LB room still in need of help as well imo. Les Maruo and Shayne Gauthier would be in tough if Biggie went down. Kyrie Wilson coming off rehab is yet to be tested.

Lots of time yet.

Wonder where Rash Bailey ends up now that the Bombers have settled financial accounts with their current crop (and Dalton Schoen didn't get the expected NFL call - mostly due to not being a burner)
Bailey will catch a ton of pigskin anywhere but he might best be served in Toronto or Edmonton.

Bailey has earned his dues and deserves a bigger payday somewhere.
He's a fiery guy, untapped talent, great blocker and good teammate.

Bailey's name coming up on every fan board which is interesting. Problem is he is already making good money so hard to give him a raise. Seems to have switched roles with Darvin Adams who has a similar attitude and could be a dependable vet for less money,

As for Schoen he can make more money as a mechanical engineering grad than the CFL ELC. Anywhere close to the season he had last year and a big raise will be required to keep him happy. I'm sure he will continue to play but at some point the post playing career for a guy that has something going will take over. Lots of high tech aeronautical engineering going on in Kansas

Schoen might only make $78k-$84k under his rookie contract with the Bombers but he could easily double that doing promotional work in the Winnipeg media market. Look at 5.5 million a year Jets winger Mark Schiefele cobbling for extra money doing Snip the Dishes commercials, etc. Or Connor Hellybuyck hacking for a sleazy auto dealership.

Prior to 2021 the top Bombers for media marketing were:

  1. Andrew Harris
  2. Zach Collaros
  3. Willy Jefferson
  4. Bighill
  5. Demski


  1. Collaros
  2. Kenny Lawler
  3. Dalton Schoen
  4. Bighill
  5. Jefferson
  6. ??? Maybe the kid who replaced A. Harris will garner some media money attention.

I wouldn't drop Demski from the "Nowadays" list. Without the shadow of Andrew Harris distracting us both Demski and Oliveira are making a bigger impact on the Blue Bomber brand.

Demski seems game for opportunities. Same with Olivera
Of course the biggest Bomber off-field money-maker remains Milt "No-Rings" Stegall. Milt prolly makes more money off the field than all current bombers combined. But he's a legend - one of the all-time greatest, even if he played for dog-eared teams with little to no hope!

There was a time when an auto dealer sponsorship was a big thing.

Lately commission sales in real estate seems to be a more lucrative field of engagement. Someone with connections could earn a good living that way.

You make a great point about Stegall. I'm a too recent convert to 12-3 football to know that much about Stegall, but I have seen very talented players on bad teams slip into "what's the use" mode, but Stegall was not one of them.

Milton Stegall played almost every game as if the world football title was on the line. He was a rather unexpected gift to a city immersed in con artists, criminals, thieves & bandits running its franchise or in cahoots with the franchise.

However, knowing Milt there were limits. If he was informed the team was penniless and couldn't pay him - Milt would have packed his bags and headed back to Atlanta without so much as a thought.


I can tell you that Brady O is often envolved in community things, is spotted at the St.James field talking to kids playing football. Demski has done some of the kids camps, Bighill still in town, always doing PR stuff, did some reading at a school for I love to read month, so did Brandon Alexander at another. These are just the 2 that I know about, I'm sure there were others too.
I like how these guys don't feel that community events like this isn't above them.

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Don't forget Oliveira rescuing dogs in the winter too!


I was squawking about D.J. Lalama the other day and now see he has been released from the suspended list with Calgary assuming the expiration of his contract. He has been coaching with the U of M Bisons and would be a good special teams player for the Bombers to add imo. Could also continue with the Bison which is a far better career path to follow in the long run.

Thank you Danny McManus..... your services are no longer required, we now have Carlos

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Hey what about Dave Donaldson, he's still kickin around WPG! Bombers should be looking at him too!

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Big news if true that Dakota Prukop has signed with the USFL. Saw it mentioned on a Farhan Lalji tweet. USFL appears to be a more permanent departure given their contract restrictions.

I thought Prukop was excellent for the Bombers. Pipkin is the best available for the role right now imo.

I actually wouldn't mind Pipkin for 2023. Dru Brown is the guy if Zach doesn't play, but we'll need a bigger body for 3rd & short. Hopefully he's a good holder too.

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Skip Prokop was a very serviceable man. Only guy better on short yardage was Fur Coat Boy and he's no longer available to the CFL. Brown or Schoen will make decent (as good) holders.

Pipkin is certainly an option I'd consider if there's no one in the football scrap heap looking for work. Don't think Pipkin has near the power of Prokop or especially Streveler the Leveller!

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