2023 and beyond, what still needs fixing

Having Blake and Hawkins would’ve helped in the development of the younger players but it wasn’t meant to be. I’d still be hesitant of blowing up a young offensive line moving forward though.

Agreed. In games 1 through 7 we had a different OL every week. We’ve now played the same line the last 3 games, and if Sunday’s game is any indication they’re at least starting to come together as a unit.
Also agree with your comment regarding intensity – I can’t even recall when our team last played at that level. Not sure what all sparked that intensity but obviously Dolegala played a role. Hopefully Dickenson sticks with him going forward, but I don’t like our chances of that happening.
Dickenson’s QB decisions leave a lot to be desired IMO.


I would have to surmise that the riders need to use a Canadian running back a lot more, then they can beef up the online some. The 2 top teams have great Canadian running backs, we need to look at this area much more, You just can’t be a passing team. You don’t need a speedster either, They still have no push on the o-line to get 1 yard, poor poor short yardage squad. I would be punting everytime unless they;re on the opposing teams 25 yard line or closer.

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Well, the theory about teams travelling way over to Montreal, through 3 time zones doesn’t appear to hold any water as an excuse. Montreal just travelled to Calgary and beat the stamps. So that is no more a qualifying excuse for teams travelling east, and being too tired. In fact. Calgary is further from Montreal than Regina. And Cody fajardo whupped the stamps. After they travelled all the way from Montreal to Calgary, past regina. He just did the riders a favour. He never stops helping us.