2023-2024 NHL Season

Could be but I haven’t heard anyone blaming DeSmith for their fade. I would be interested in hearing from Canucks fans that follow the team closely as to how DeSmith has played and whether they think he is in part to blame.

Tired goaltenders are more likely to get hurt IMO.

I have seen a few really good goaltenders here and even the great Grant Fuher only had one season where he played more then 60 games. To me - its the hardest thing for NHL teams in the modern age. You can’t afford to have goaltenders you can team and have play 40 games each AND afford the other talent you need to win in the playoffs unless you have a rookie show up NHL ready.

Can’t decide who i want to win tonight…on the one hand, if the Canucks lose they would be 3 points ahead, and the Oil would have two games in hand, But if the Canucks win it increases the chances the Oilers play the Kings first round…

Go somebody… :sweat_smile:

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Vegas 3
Canucks 4 :grin:

An updated article on the playoff races.

The East will go down to the last game from the look of it.

In the West, all the teams chasing after a Wild card have fallen away and are now 5 or more points back. Unless they win their way out and another team loses its way out I think its almost academic at this point.

I still see the races at the top as not finished yet. I do not buy into the Av’s losses piling up - at 5-4-1 they still hold a winning record. 5 points may be too much to overcome at this point though so why not just win what you have to to stay in second…

The Pacific is closer than it looks in some ways. Two games in hand and 5 points back for the second place team says first place isn’t wrapped up yet…


So you say that the Capitals and Flyers are shitting the bed eh ?
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An updated article on the races and who can clinch and who can be eliminated tonight.

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I’d much rather watch the Isles in the playoffs than the Caps or Flyers.


Don’t know what it says but the only team that can clinch tonight that has 40 or more Regulation wins is NYR.

It will be interesting if they come to using tiebreakers. Penguins win the tiebreaker vs. Red Wings - if they stay tied as they have 4 more regulation wins.
And if the Jets tie the Av’s in points and Winnipeg maintains its 2 game lead in games won in regulation, Winnipeg will get home ice.

Getting ready for the pool :slight_smile:

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I prefer the lake. Chlorine irritates my skin. :smile:


They should be turning the fountain on up the street from me soon . :rofl:
Just bring your own soap suds .

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I already know my first round picks in the pool.

Awesome, the Jets did it the hard way in overtime on Nashville ice, so now those Predators can celebrate their loss by hanging another large banner, since they have qualified for the playoffs.

That crowd in Nashville was extremely excited on that basis about the tie game after regulation!

You go on with that celebration now Predators, small victories only though not tonight you bojacks!

And the Jets move now into the second seed in the Atlantic Division for home ice advantage!


Just finished watching the Jets game. Was playoff like for sure. The Central is set with Jets vs Colorado although home ice TBD. Nashville clinches a wildcard. Stars over Buffalo 3-2 so they get first place, likely in the Conference.

But what’s up with Philly? Another face plant against a non playoff team in a must win game, losing 9-3 to the Habs. Put a fork in them. Funny how they tanked after Torts unnecessarily benched his captain. Torts is entertaining but I wouldn’t want him coaching my team. Bad day to be a Flyer fan.


I think their slide coincided with Hart not being able to play.

No, that was well before. They were still well into playoff position 3 weeks or so ago. I’m sure not having Hart didn’t help when their goaltending went south of late. They better get used to being without Hart for a long time anyway, maybe forever.


Or let’s just go with the Flyers just plain suck because they only have an angry game this season, which I saw on display weeks ago when they were at Tampa and had two goons plus Tortorella all thrown out in merely the first period amongst other LOSER hockey.

And for those reading that who might be angry with these comments, your team has ONE win in the last ten, so your Flyers are NOT playoff material, so fix that in the off-season before sounding off angry any more at this point.

Either stick a fork in those Flyers and just go grill some great steaks now for the summer like you know we have here in Philadelphia, or the Flyers can simply fry in hell for all that rage with their LOSER brand of hockey at hand for at least the last ten games too.

Thank you.
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Let’s just say the Penguins are already in the playoffs. Here’s why.

Look at the last four games through next Wednesday.

These are all de facto playoff games for the Penguins and all opponents, so the playoffs start NOW for the Penguins:

Red Wings
@ Islanders

The Penguins also own the RW tiebreaker against all teams vying for a slot except for the Devils, and well let’s just say the chances for the Devils are an academic exercise at this point.

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