2023-2024 NHL Season

man. Canucks, Panthers and Jets. Three teams I really cheer for. Three teams that were near the top. Three teams stumbling into the playoffs. sigh


Wednesday Night Slate 5 Games, All Playoff Atmosphere?

Look at that slate of five games on Wednesday night!

Even the Kraken and the Coyotes, all but astronomically out and out of the playoffs respectively, have incentive to play things up for nasty spoiler against the Kings and Canucks.

After the Predators were shut out at home by the Bruins on Tuesday night, that’s three losses in a row!

As those damn Predators found out on Thursday night the hard way before taking some more overdue punishment in Denver two nights later, don’t sleep on the Coyotes on the road!


There was a fight and then a hockey game broke out.

I really don’t think Rempe belongs in the NHL.


Lightning bringing the pain and putting to shame those Leafs in Toronto tonight!

Wow, now I know more what you all deal with given the seriously homer Leafs call by Cuthbert and his sidekick all damn game on SportsNet!

I might write another post on that note at some other time, for I’ve never heard two bojack homers so excited about ONE goal in the first period, and indeed though a fine goal, but then talk about it ALL DAMN GAME!:
“Auston Matthews blah blah blah…HEY! Look at me now Chris! I might have just had an earthy bodily experience too!”
:partying_face: :unamused:

This game has already surpassed 100 hits, so playoff hockey here we are already.

Good job Lightning!

Now may the Lightning stay on the chase of those Leafs, for they own the RW and ROW tiebreakers too!


Stars wiping the floor with the Oilers 5-0 after two. Someone forgot to tell them that it ain’t the Pacific division Dorothy.

The way it’s looking now, I can’t see any Canadian team making a run for the Cup. So the same as usual. Maybe one of them wins a series. The Western teams all looked much better earlier in the year. The Leafs of course can always be counted on to lose in the playoffs.


Not looking good right now.


Line Brawl on the opening face off!


As we approach the playoffs in these final games as teams are either jockeying for seed and form or dishing out any remaining grievances, and speaking of intimidating, physical goons on skates, who could ever forget Billy Stemhovilichski?

(I never had heard of him until this evening after seeing this on the YouTube feed.)

He scored some serious hair points in those days too.

But what a strange and disappointing ending. I guess we’ll just never know.


Eastern Conference Playoff Picture before Games 06 April 2024

In brief, essentially we have five teams competing for WC2 if not also Metropolitan #3, so that’s two slots in play except for the Red Wings for only WC2.

The Pittsburgh Penguins in the last of these five teams at 81 points not only hold the RW tiebreaker by at least two games now, they are on a hot streak of 6-2-2 in the last 10 games with three wins in a row.

I’m going to go ahead and state right now that the Penguins will make the playoffs via one of these two slots. No I don’t have anything on it, but it’s my feeling now.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Lightning are hot at 8-1-1 in the last 10 and chasing those Toronto Maple Leafs for Atlantic #3 as the Lightning hold both the RW and ROW tiebreakers as well. The Lightning would be perfectly happy to play a virtually home and home series in Florida against the Panthers, even though having lived in the Tampa Bay area, South Florida is not home really and these two camps in the same state really hate each other for the most part like in virtually all of Florida, the Western Hemisphere’s Giant Hotel and Resort.
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Go Lightning beat those Leafs!

Western Conference Playoff Picture before Games 06 April 2024

Here we have two teams competing for Pacific #3 and a wildcard slot, the Vegas Golden Knights and the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings own the RW tiebreaker too.

Both teams can also challenge the Edmonton Oilers for Pacific #2, but the Oilers have eight games left and also already own both the RW and ROW tiebreakers.

The Predators look in great shape like also those three teams, which are all four on a winning run with improving form in the last 10 games with great timing for the playoffs.

The Predators could also make a run at the Jets for Central #3 in these last six games for those two teams, but the Jets look to be improving their form as well and the Jets also own the RW and ROW tiebreakers rather handily.

Go Knights beat those Kings too!

And I have no clue how a playoff-bound team gives up so many goals in the third period, in this case six straight goals in the third period to those angry beasts the Coyotes who play like a band of Wolverines, but the Golden Knights managed to do it to poop the bed once again and throw away their 4-1 lead after the second period as if putting their winnings for the night on 00 on the roulette wheel!

Damnit Knights! Fix your defence, or you can forget it early in the playoffs!

Looney Tunes Animation GIF by Cartoon Network Asia



and the darn flyers have managed to hit the deck on their faces

according to playoffstatus.com, only 2 eastern teams mathematically out while 6 western teams are out.

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Conner McDavid joins Jari Kurri, Wayne Gretzky and Glenn Anderson as the fourth player to have 8 strait 30 goal seasons after scoring two goals in last nights playoff berth clinching 6-2 win over Colorado.

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I turned the game off after two periods and Vegas up 4-1. Biggest choke in the league this year so far. Your Knights are still making my prediction to look out for them in the playoffs look bad. Luckily what happens now means nothing in the playoffs and the only teams playing really important games are those that need to get in.

It seems to me that their biggest problem this year has been between the pipes. Hill has been hurt and inconsistent and Thompson showed last night again that at best he’s a back up you can play occasionally. I said at the start of the year that they were foolish to let Brossoit go which worked out great for my Jets. Best back up in the league who should easily be starting somewhere next year and who was your starter in the playoffs last year until he was hurt over Hill for a reason. What do you think of your team’s goaltending heading into the playoffs?

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It’s a funny thing with goaltenders…the goal tending coach can make the difference between a goal tender being successful or not. Brossoit and Quick both struggled last season in Vegas - with what was obviously a good team in front of them.

And both had good seasons this year on different teams. So not always the goaltender…

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NHL Power Rankings: Each team’s best hope to win an award


And TSN’s final power rankings. Agree with their assessment of the Canucks. Great start and a season that exceeded expectations, but looking like a first round playoff loser.

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Can’t say I disagree with this article. Although not as egregiously unfair as the CFL, there are far too many unfair playoff matchups due to the current format. At the very least it should be 1-8 in each Conference, just as it should be 1-6 in the CFL.


Losing Demko has hurt the Canucks.


Oh for sure issues at goalie with Thompson and Hill allowing more than 2.5 per game average, but I see the issues with defence in the third period as worse. We simply should not be allowing all those shots so targeted on goal in the first place.

For some reason consistently after building good leads after two periods, we go soft or poor in the third period and also don’t attack well.

Since the loss to the Predators in overtime a few weeks ago, it’s been time for the Golden Knights to shake off that rust and stop that nonsense to get into playoff form.

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