2023-2024 NHL Season

McClellan is a great systems coach and teacher. His weakness lies in his inabilty to adapt when other teams figure out his gameplan. He was actually a great coach to take the Kings through their rebuild and he actually turned them into a playoff contender way ahead of schedule. The problem is that eventually he starts spinning his wheels and can’t take the team to the next level. It also didn’t help his cause when certain players on the team stop grinding, blocking shots and start coasting.

He is actually a really good guy but every coach has a shelf life. It was time for a new voice.

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So what if the guy took a slapshot at an empty net.

Here’s an idea for Reilly and the Laffs on how to prevent somebody from rubbing salt into their wound. How about not losing 3 of 4 games against a non-playoff team like Ottawa.

Now Laff fans are acting like this is some kind of rallying point.

Not to worry though. They will still get ragdolled in the playoffs. If they can even sneak in with a Wildcard.


But that age of hockey has passed…so should the mentality that goes with it…

It’s a microcosm of whats wrong with hockey discipline. It’s also a problem know neanderthal Don Cherry saw coming long ago.
When you protect juniors to the point that attacking each other with sticks does no damage - it starts to end up happening in the NHL.

That’s what needs to go - using your stick to whack, hack, and cross check, or swinging your stick above your waist like a weapon.

Maybe I’m oversensitive to it in some ways because that’s what cut my hockey career short. But I see a problem coming for the league if they don’t start to cut it out the same way they are going after head shots.

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NHL Power Rankings: 1 thing to love about each team

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You are indeed correct. Once they allow some of that stick checking and shin whacking as the referees look the other way at the junior level, of course things will go downhill fast in the heat of the moment after even some good-natured skirmishing.

I’ve seen this happen aboard our ship when it was not game time or training.

It could even get this bad due to a simple misunderstanding:

And now the common political wrangling begins for the project for the local move of the Capitals and the NBA Wizards:

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Too many nice rows of teeth in that example tho…


Maple Leafs’ Rielly suspended five games for hit on Greig


The Leafs and in particular Keefe have been whining about how Rielly was given an in person hearing only because he was a Leaf and that the team is picked on by the league. Pretty hilarious and ridiculous.

Tonight they play the Blues and also will be missing Tavares and Marner due to illness.


Dillon had an in person as well didn’t he?

As for the Leafs - bunch of whiners, they were lucky it wasn’t more than 5 games.

I would guess Keefe’s leash is getting shorter by the day too. With the biggest cap hit in the league 13th overall is not the expected result.


Agree, lucky for sure. My wife who isn’t a big hockey fan, saw this today and reiterated one reason she isn’t into hockey is because of this type of stupid retaliation behaviour. She said the guy, Sens rookie who slapped the puck into the open net, big deal, just get the puck into the net, no one getting hurt on the play at all, and slapping it could result in missing it maybe a bit more than a gentle push and who knows who’s behind you and how far behind you, just put the puck into the net. I would have been fine to see Reilly suspended for 10 games to be honest to send more of a message that this type of goonish behaviour will not be tolerated. Now, fine, if I was in this kids’ shoes, I don’t think I would have slapped it but just way over the top reaction by O’Reilly.

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Definitely lucky it wasn’t more than 5 games. No Dillon didn’t have an in person hearing. Way different situation being a body check during the play that unintentionally made contact with Acciari’s head, as opposed to an intentional attempt to injure via a cross check to the head of an unsuspecting player after the play and the game was over.

I never said it was the same in any way - just couldn’t remember if he had an in person hearing…

No I wasn’t thinking you said it was the same, but just highlighted how markedly different the offenses were. I would say that Dillon had the book thrown at him when he got three games and there was never a question he deserved an in person hearing. I think Rielly got the absolute minimum for what he did and as some others have said, I wouldn’t have batted an eye if he got ten, other than I would have been surprised that the NHL discipline department got it right for once. It’s also possible that giving Dillon 3 games just days before forced the league to give Rielly at least five or they would have lost all credibility.

It’s absolutely absurd that some guys think violence is warranted because dude took a slap shot into an open net when the game was out of reach. The irony is that the so-called tough guy response by the maple leaves showed what babies they actually are. waaaah someone took a slapshot into our open net waaaah. they should suspend the whole leaves team for being cry babies. Sure hope they tumble out of their overrated wildcard spot (18 regulation wins lol). I’m sure they will still be on every NHL media pundit’s top team list even if they finish last because Matthews will pad his goal stats and win the Richard trophy and become god.


Yep, but it’s not just the Leafs. This is what I call the NHL sissy mentality. Real men, like those who play football, would never resort to a blindside backstabbing polecat move, but rather answer on the field as soon as possible, whether it be by way of a clean hit or the scoring of points. Unfortunately clean hits are no longer permissible in the NHL, with the sissies in control determining that anyone who delivers a clean hit now is required to fight in response for making a good play within the rules and worse yet, usually required to fight a designated knuckle dragger who had nothing to do with the play. If it wasn’t so absurd it would be comical. If football players fought after every clean hit there might be 12 fights every play. Different example I know from Rielly’s cowardly actions, but based on the same vigilante justice premise and the false egotistical premise that only the players can police each other and this must be decided even before the officials make a call at times, but certainly always in addition to any referee ruling. I refer to it sometimes as the “judge, jury and executioner” concept. For some reason even rougher sports such as football have players lacking the immediate revenge gene and these players are therefore capable of relying on the officials, whether they agree with them or not. I think Darwin has explained the difference between hockey players and other athletes better than I can.

The league is also complicit in this whole “pansy fiasco” that turn men into scheming backstabbers without respect for the rules or in most cases any honour. All they have to do is watch other sports with pen and paper in hand, especially football, write down what they see and then imitate it. It’s not hard. Hockey should be a sport and one of many sports in the world. I do not for a second believe that hockey players are different than any other athletes on earth playing a team game and as such must operate via vigilante justice. The need for a “Code” in hockey simply means that they can’t handle the truth.

And why hasn’t Ryan Reaves been suspended for saying “make hockey violent again” in the wake of the incident? I guess that’s a safer statement than criricizing the officiating. It’s curious how Bettman is seen as a sophisticated lawyer and administrator when it comes to most issues, but has been nothing more than a neanderthal when it comes to addressing hockey violence. Incidentally Rielly has appealed his suspension to Bettman, his only avenue of appeal as it is less than 6 games. And the Leafs and their fans keep bitching about the length of the suspension and crying foul. I watched a TSN clip, where 4 different on air personalities, some of whom are beholden to Toronto for their paycheque, all claimed he should receive anywhere from zero to 3 games. He’s lucky he didn’t get the 10 games he would get in any real sport and 10 games is more in line with what he deserves.

As to Matthews, as I said above, after watching him play two games against the Jets I was thoroughly unimpressed. He is absolutely invisible most of the time and usually floats around away from the puck. He certainly can put the puck in the net from right in front of it, but he’s hardly a team player and appears to have no discernible defensive skills. He wouldn’t be welcome on today’s version of the Jets nor would he be capable of playing within such a system.


Updated trade bait list. This should heat up shortly. If the list is correct in having the top 3 as Flames, together with the recent trade of Lindholm, I’m thinking Calgary fans won’t see much of an on ice product for 3-5 years.

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Dillon’s hit was a headshot, but I don’t believe it was intended to be. It was a hockey play that Dillon just misjudged target at speed. Comparing his hit to Reilly’s cowardly non-hockey BS is crap. And Reilly getting 5 games just laughable. should be out for the season for disrespectful intent to injure. The fact that leaves fans are whining that the DPS hates them is hilarious and not surprising.