2023-2024 NHL Season

Well here we go. Time to launch the Official 2023-2024 NHL thread.

Training camps and Pre-Season are upon us and we’re ready to drop the puck on another exciting NHL Season.

Enjoy the Season and good luck to all of your teams.

Go Kings Go. :sunglasses:



The Oilers scare me. They are in the Pacific with my Kings and will likely be very motivated to take the next step this season.

If they can get solid goaltending from both Skinner and Campbell then look for the Oilers to run away with the Pacific Division.

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Marchand named Captain of Bruins. I’m wondering what the referee community thinks of this? :smile:

Now that Lucic is back on the Bruins we could see a whole new level of goonery with these toxic twins.


I think there will be a drop off with the Bruins
They can’t replace what Bergeron brought to this team


Part of me thinks they went all in last year to get Bergeron one last Cup. I also think they will drop off.

The Atlantic should be an interesting division this year.

  1. Tampa - Starting to show it’s age.
  2. Florida - Still beat up from last year’s playoff run.
  3. Buffalo - Ready to take the next step?
  4. Ottawa - Lot’s of young talent similar to Sabres but are they ready.
  5. Detroit - Still rebuilding.
  6. Montreal - Same as the Red Wings.

This could be the year the Leafs make a significant impact. At least within their own division as there seems to be a lot of question marks regarding the other teams.

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NHL Preseason starts tonight in Melbourne, Australia of all places with a game between the Kings and Coyotes.

I guess it’s kind of neat but really who knew there was interest for hockey in Australia?

I mean, what’s the NHL planning for next year? The Oilers verus the Canucks in the Galapagos? :smile:

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I had heard that a while ago but had forgotten.

My sister lives in Melbourne and told me there is hockey interest there in certain pockets and there is an Australian league that some marginal NHL’ers have played in.


Interesting. I will have to look more into this.

The game is actually on Sportsnet at 12:00 AM EDT. Looks like I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow. :smile:

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Any game with body checking and speed and hitting each other? Sorta like Rugby? I’m sure it’s more of a novelty there though - something to watch in the rugby off season…

All depends whether Campbell has gotten over the trauma of having to play for the Leafs. I think he has the skills - he just needs to get his head right and worry about wins and losses - not every puck that goes by him.


There’s a lot of articles this past week talking about how Campbell worked on his mental state during the off-season.


You have to admire his intentions!
Probably not advisable


Jets reveal alternate jersey honoring 100th anniversary of RCAF :airplane:


Looks a little cheesy to me. Hopefully it’s just a one off to honour the RCAF. The Jets already have the best alternate jersey in the league so why mess with it otherwise?

I read that.

Kudos to him. Someone has integrity. Also to Vezina Bob for trying to organize the players to make a statement.

Meanwhile the Neanderthal like Ovechkin still maintains a picture of himself and Putin as his profile page on Instagram. May he injure himself for the season, return home and be sent to the front by his buddy.


I like it.

If it will prevent him from reaching Gretzky’s All-Time Goal record then I’m all for it. :smile:


I know it’s only pre-season and the Canucks had a lot of rookies in the lineup but Holy Crap does Coach Tochett have a lot of work to do. :smile:


Rookies make mistakes … veterans, unless they are on the edge of demotion, don’t give a shyte … ALSO … what was Calgary’s lineup like?

…tired! From scoring so many damn goals!!

Who the heck was in goal for Vancouver? Red Light Racicot?