2022 Tiger-Cats Training Camp

The club has announced that they'll hold their first training camp practice this afternoon, at Mac, starting at 3:30, and that they'll be, soon, issuing a new schedule of practices for the duration of the shortened camp period.

Heading into this new Day 1 of training camp, there are 86 names on the roster, including 2, in each of 3 categories, who've been registered, with the league, as Retired (Tavai & Green), Suspended (T. Johnson & Kirven), and Injured Veterans (D. Lawrence & Van Zeyl). Through the league's transactions list, we're also aware of the recent signings of AM DB Traveon Beck and AM WR Andrew Boston, neither of whom have, so far, been announced, or added to the roster, by the club.


Now, I see they've just added both Beck and Boston to the roster and also another AM DB Will Allen, a 5'9", 180 lb., 22 year-old Floridian . with a 40 time of 4.45, who played CB and returned kicks during his 4 seasons ('17-'19 & '21) at Columbia U. in NYC.


So let's look at camp battles

Left tackle: Kyle Saxelid, Travis Vornkahl, wesley De'Ondre, Tyler Johnson, Korren Korven.

Defensive end: Mason Bennett, Anthony Fedrico, Tre Crawford, Malik Carney, Roheen Binghamton.

Field Cornerback: Allen Darby, Will Allen, Reggie Cole

Any others that I'm missing?

Ticats practice schedule


You could double that list with other newcomers Michael Witherspoon, Baylen Buchanan and Traveon Beck.

Saxelid could replace van zeyl if the price is right

Van Zeyl was just announced as being placed on the Injured Veteran List along with other moves and transactions that were all known about but unofficial until today .

I think Saxelid is a better LT than RT. If Van Zyle does retire, maybe they go American at RT.


What is your opinion based on .hes played both.had you ever watched him play or knew his name before the trade.i didnt

Can’t help but wonder if Van Zeyl is hurt or just getting old guy treatment and skipping at least the start of camp to reduce the miles.

I’m sure Coach will provide a thorough and detailed description of the situation at an upcoming presser :grin:

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I'd go with the first. Lots of veterans not interested in the grind of training camp.

We're going to need him healthy to go anywhere.

Playing the numbers game to make roster limits. I imagine there will be lots of this from the teams that are getting a late start. You know Van Zeyl is not getting cut so you stick him on the injured list while they look at other guys.


I wonder how much extra time they will get before they go to a 75 man roster. Original date was 17 May.

The two new suspended players werent known about before today but yes the rest was on transaction page already.

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5 players were put on the suspended list Sunday and then 3 of the them (C. Evans, M. Johnson & Fontana) were were put back on the active roster on Tuesday, leaving Tyler Johnson and Korren Kirven still suspended.


I basically watch every cfl game. It has more to do with his footwork, he just looks more comfortable on the left side.

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I see Kelley (#11) listed as a DB. He played LB all last season. Are they moving him to a new position?

He played SAM all last year that is a DB spot


Thanks for the clarification.