2022 stats on CFL site

Not sure where else to ask this, perhaps one of the mods can address this. I was looking at the Stats page for the 2022 season. There is only one game so far (assuming that preseason is not included in the averages) so I think the stats should reflect the first game. The points scored column has the Riders at 28 but they scored 30 in the first game. Why the difference?

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I'm not sure why. I assume a typo by someone. Let's bring it to the attention of our admin, Matt.

@MattL91 Narles found an error with the stats on the CFL website. The Riders are missing some points.

That is pathetic.

Still not fixed. I hope it get fixed before any of the week 2 games. This is not going to affect much (and I mention it not just because it is the Riders) but does skew the stats for those of us that follow them.

It may just be how they do math and count in Saskatchewan.

It took them over a day to fix a mistake on A catch in the redblacks game .

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This has perplexed me, and I have the anomaly. The CFL doesn’t have a column on offense for scoring for TWO POINT CONVERSIONS. Also if a a rouge point is scored on a kickoff, I don’t see a column for that. Must be a IT person that doesn’t know Canadian or American football. I hate to say it, most likely a Desi, that probably doesn’t even know cricket too. And it won’t get fixed soon because the data array needs these columns added into it. It’s most likely populated from the game stats too, and not manually entered. It’s still not fixed. I’ll hammer them on here until it is!

What was that mistake? I’m interested in this too.

Hey folks,

Stats errors have been flagged with our dev team, most notably that when you click on "Stats" it automatically jumps to last year's. We have just flipped this to 2022, so therer may be a few growing pains in the process...apologies.


Just have to add the two point conversion and rouge columns on offense?
When are they scoring a rouge!
I can’t wait to see that live!!!

They didn’t have 2 point conversion from Rough Riders game on their offense scoring point totals.
Obscene gesture maybe did it haha

Multiple new errors this morning. The site still opens on 2021 season. They have Toronto with 16 points scored (they scored 20). They do have Montreal with 2 games but with 45 total points but unless my math is wrong 27 plus 19 equals 46. This is far more than growing pains. This is a professional league. It should not be that hard to have the stats correct.

I accept your apology but do not trust any of the stats now posted.

They had another reciever listed instead of acklin for his significant catch