2022 Stamps discussion thread

That one should give the government workers out smoking behind the building something to talk about. Three smokes a day is a good way to kill an hour.

Credit both sides of the ball for contributing. Defense held fast more than once and Bo Levi found a way without Kadeem Carey or Logan Peyton. Proof of depth when Dedrick Mills gets six gamed and a guy like Peyton steps in. Calgary is good at that.

Bottom line it was a huge two points.

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I agree yes those government workers that smoke need to be let go for wasting tax payers money

There is one that literally slipped through their fingers. The team played well.

Some laughable penalty calls including the roughing the kicker when he was completely finished with the kicking motion and just standing around. The penalty on the kick return was equally as bad. Objectionable conduct on Carey was typical. I think they win the rematch.

I didn’t like the missed horse collar big hill laid on Carey. Ref standing right there. Stopped a decent drive.

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Consensus opinion in the neighborhood says the Stamps should sign Louchiez Purifoy.

Bouka and Dozier are FAs and as they learned last year depth is a good thing.