2022 season schedule released

The crazy thing of it is that with the ridiculous FA policy in place in this league it could very well wind up that both Cup teams could get literally cherry picked and drained of talent . It may seem far fetched but not out of the realm of possibility that both these teams miss the playoffs entirely next season .

Hopefully not but we have seen miraculous one year turnarounds in this league before on many, many different occasions .

All one has to do is look no further then the Anchors this year finishing up in 1rst place after B2B non playoff 4-14 seasons in 18-19 after winning it all the year before in 2017 .

With what is going on with COVID omicron variant, who knows what the next 6 months to a year will look like on that front and how this could affect sports. I saw on the highlight reel this morning the Habs game with no one in the stands due to new measures in Quebec so more lockdowns to come perhaps. :confused:

More divisional play could result in less chance of a crossover as weaker eastern teams play each other more, thus ending up with better records than if they played stronger western teams. you could still have western teams with better record out of the playoffs , that’s why halifax or Quebec would be a welcome addition . Balance.

If there was 30 teams in the league Toronto would still want to play Hamilton 4 times lol

Really liking the west final two weeks have the Stamps vs Riders closing the season. Always good games with these two teams and it most likely will have playoff position on the line(hopefully) and not meaningless games where we will see one or both teams resting key starters.

Hope the games will not have the teams resting starters … I also think the CFL made the schedule to benefit the east teams and to help prevent a west crossover at all costs. But hopefully BC or the EE WILL BE MUCH MORE COMPETITIVE and the last two games we are talking of will be barn burning meaningful games

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Did not get my way in these areas:

  1. no indications of three divisions -- Atlantic, Central, Pacific
  2. no best-of-three playoffs with just four teams in it
  3. no triple header of New Year's Day games including the CJFL, Vanier Cup, and Grey Cup.

You cannot have three divisions in a 9 team league you cannot have best of three in the CFL anymore and the third point is very strange too …

Three teams in a division is plenty

Why not best of three?

What’s strange about having a month off between the league’s final four games and the league championship?

You know why you didn’t get your way ?

Because your way is STUPID !!! Full Stop . No other explanation needed .


Everybody is starting undefeated and untied.

Who will survive?

CFL on new year’s day? Seriously?

The Sask / Calgary back to backs will undoubtedly be important to the standings so likely to be all out. Meanwhile Winnipeg gets BC twice and Ottawa twice as far as that goes. Games behind the games in the CFL

And they call Stamp fans arrogant?? It’s 2 seasons, and one was the Covid season. Your consistency has not been sustained long enough to call yourselves perennial winners yet, not by a long shot.

Not a great schedule they definitely need more teams in this league this isn't hockey or baseball playing that many games against the same team(s) especially in a short period is a bit much .

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Wake me up when Calgary has 12 Grey Cups and 3 times back to back Grey Cups, Yawn


lol you have to go back to the great depression!-- and some very long droughts between

going to be a long off season

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Yeah, what’s up with that? I was looking forward to a repeat of our last opening day slaughter, uh… I meant ‘game’ with Hamilton (sorry about that).

I’m hoping this upcoming Week 3 match won’t feature two gutted greats (mere shells of their former selves) slugging it out for last place.

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Yep and as of last Sunday night The Riders were back in a tie for first and all the rest of the West teams were tied for last.

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