2022 season schedule released

Those are fair points, but I still don’t like it

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Disappointed to see the back to backs and triple headers. It's like the CFL asks for input and then ignores it.

I prefer playing each team at least once in each half or the schedule.

Exactly. How does this league not figure this shi t out. It's the same complaint year after year and nothing changes. Oh well, saves me 2 season ticket purchases. I'm out. I'll go to the games I want and no more free cash for this league up front.

What the Hell , am I reading this right ? The Cats play only the Als and the Anchors exclusively for six consecutive weeks from July 28th thru to Sept 5 .

In that span we play Montreal twice home and away and Toronto four times . Two at home and two in Toronto with both of them being B2B's . If that's not kinda goofy we then have a bye week then play the Bombers and then play the Alouettes again .

So basically the middle part of our schedule looks like this...

game # 7 home Montreal
game #8 away Toronto
game # 9 home Toronto
game #10 away Montreal
game #11 away Toronto
game #12 home Toronto
game #13 home Winnipeg
game #14 away Montreal

So all told including preseason we play Toronto 5 times and Montreal 4 times excluding possible playoff matchups . The topper is that we play all these regular season games in a span of nine weeks with a bye in between . I realize that the league is most likely trying to cut down on travel expenses and costs but this schedule is absolutely ridiculous .

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4 Rider home games are on a Friday night. 3 of those 4 are at 7pm or 7:30pm. Does the league not realize we work til 5:00 pm and then have to drive 2.5 hours to get to the stadium?

Add the horrid parking and ridiculous delays with the vaxx pass and you are walking in at the end of the 1st quarter


Do the Riders have any Thursday nights?

Maybe need to state to the league the days preferable for home games.

Every market is different.

Each team should have some balance in how weekday games (including Friday) they can handle.

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Do the Riders have any Thursday nights?

Maybe need to state to the league the days preferable for home games.

Every market is different.

Each team should have some balance in how weekday games (including Friday) they can

Than leave home earlier...most people like the Ftirday night thing to Saturday night...

Friday nights are fine but 8pm start is preferred. A good portion drive in from out of town and imagine it prevents those who go to 1 or 2 games a year from choosing those games

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Should let the Riders know. They might take it into consideration for next season.

Or they can regust the CFL to adjust the time providing they give notice or it works for their tv partner.

You can usually make the schedule a lot better by merely taking what they came up with, and then shuffling around the weeks.

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Kind of like city councill

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Sunday games

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I suspect the cost of travel was a motivating factor. Lots of trips back and forth on the QEW and what do they call the Calgary Trail now? I think it’s a QE too. Hopefully this doesn’t become the norm - but I’m looking forward to the bad blood come labour day!

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Yes for example I’m not sure why you finish out the season with Sask and Calgary x2. The last game of the season is more often than not a meaningless game. If you have that home and home around game 13/14 that would mean both teams would still be playing for something.

I’d always finish out the season with games from opposite divisions as the cross over may still be in play in the last week but likely not home field

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I agree on all counts. I also don’t like finishing the season with a divisional opponent because they might meet in the next game, in the semi-final. So Sask and Calgary might be playing three consecutive games there, with two of them possibly being meaningless.

Not a perfect schedule, can't complain not bad either.

Winnipeg gets their 4 bye weeks
#WSF :heavy_check_mark::thinking::football:


Winnipeg winning the pennant already?

Now that’s confidence.

Or over confidence , depending on which way you want to look at it .

Cocky might be another way to say that.

All in fun, were 11 months away. I’ve been very quiet and respectful, understanding how it feels on the other side of things.

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Nothing wrong in being confident in your team.

It’s all for good fun and bragging rights.


Keep in mind, Its impossible to predict how well a / any team will do so early. Every team will go through free agency, who knows who is going where. Including coaches.
Just a little fun, everyone has hope right now.

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