2022 season schedule released


I was quietly freaking out at 12:40 PM when it wasn't loading fully but it was actually just fine. It's never not worked, I don't know I get so tense about it.

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After short looking

-Labour day classic
-Thanksgiving classic
-Playoffs on November
-Playoffs on Sundays
-Only two super saturdays (could have been none but hey we can't gain everything)
-More games on thursdays (I know most people won't like this but I prefer this over double-headers on Friday)

-only three regular games on a Sunday (better than nothing but still)
-Starts a little soon

Have not lokked about the parity of matchups so it might be a problem. Also playing at Moncton like in 2019 can be another pro if it's the case.

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Why are we opening up in Saskatchewan ? I always thought it was tradition to have the two Grey Cup teams vs each other in a rematch to open up the season .


Most notable thing....the Argos are on it :wink:

Overall, it checks allot of the boxes as states above. Would like to a see Thanksgiving doubleheaders return but likely tough with an odd number of teams.

Argos have a Monday night game - July 4 vs Winnipeg.....that's a promo giveaway night for sure

Wow that was quick!

I personally love the start earlier in June.

I know some fans do not like the earlier start, but are you forgetting already that a pandemic lurks and lingers?

So much is subject to change, so building in more time via an earlier start is prudent and not merely discretionary.


Great - Ottawa opens up with a Home & Home with . . . .Winnipeg. Let’s LaPol - get’em going!

There's a lot to like about this schedule. More family-friendly weekend games, for one. More divisional games, for another.

I just wish there weren't so many back-to-back games. IMO, that should be reserved for Labour Day only.

The Argos are scheduled to play the Ticats 4 times within 5 weeks. Why not spread them out a bit more?

I'm happy to see another neutral site game in the works. I'm guessing that will be either Halifax or Moncton.

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I am one of them. Prefer Friday night games.

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Disappointed to see the back to backs and triple headers. It's like the CFL asks for input and then ignores it.

I prefer playing each team at least once in each half or the schedule. Also don't think they should down play the negative aspect of the schedule related to declining attendance. Sundays being off limits does not help.

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Stamps have 4 games Vs elks this year but only 1 vs REDBLACKS? What gives? Is this the new normal for the CFL?

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This seems... early....

I think/hope it is the new normal. Next year, the Stamps should face the Redblacks twice but another East team just once.

Original 2021 CFL schedule was released Nov. 20, 2020 pre covid

Why would the CFL do this? That means we will no longer see every team in our stadium on any given year! It can cause fan apathy with the big rivalries too- I dont need to see Stamps vs Elks 4 times or even 5 if in post season!


Not really… this is 3rd year in row the CFL has released this time of year

I think they’re just trying to do what will maximize attendance. Divisional games usually draw better than interdivisional games. It also cuts down on travel costs. And it also means fewer games broadcast outside of the visiting team’s timezone, which should help with TV ratings.

I think ideally, the Stamps would play each West team three times and then use the other six for games vs East teams. Not sure why they went with four games against the Elks and only two against the Roughriders (and those two being the final two of the season is an odd choice).

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Garbage like usual
Not enough Sunday games
Too Many Thursday games
Mtl Does not play in BC
Cal Does not play in Mtl
Ham does not play in Edm
Ridiculous triple headers

Mtl plays Ottawa 5 times!!!!!

And the useless Comish can't figure out why attendance is dropping!

Just like I kind of predicted.

Not quite sold on the November 20th Grey Cup though.

Would have preferred November 27th.

Unless they are avoiding US Thanksgiving.

At least now we have some idea so plans can be made.

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Ottawa does not play in Calgary either – stamps play elks 4 times