2022 Schenley Awards

Hosted by Hammer & Stipley, the Schenley Award Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Forum Criticism in 2022 have been announced:

Nominated for a coveted "Slammie":

Lifetime Achievement for Best Category:

Schweinhund, "Favourite Flintstones Episodes".

Best Original Profile Name:

Woobly_Gabler, tangledweb, Count_Floyd1,
PorkyPine, Oskeeedie.

Best Achievement in Annoying Topics:

"What if Russia Invaded Canada" EZ
Football, "Grow CFL Fan Base", Navrah,
"Colin Kaepernick?", everyman, "Tiger Woods Could Play at the Masters", Grover, "Move the Argos to Halifax", Stipley

Best Tiger Woods Fan:

PatLynch, Grover, Ariel.

Outstanding Achievement in Brevity:

Jon, Aerial, Jasmine,

Okay gang, feel free to submit your own nominations/categories. Make like the Bouncer in Road House: "Be Nice."


This topic certainly has potential. I will need some time to think of some more categories/nominations but off the top of my head, and I think we will have general agreement here, the topics about doming all CFL stadiums and Terry Bradshaw being too fat, both courtesy of EZ football, should be added as contenders for most annoying topic.

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Have at it! Too funny.

Love it! Nice to know the Schenley's are alive and well. I'll look forward to this every day.

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Best Achievement in Annoying Topics:

Added: "Anyone a big Twitter user?", Red & White.

We need a 'Biggest Fattest Lineman poised to take a monumental dump on the sidelines Award'.


Is that The Fridge?

Yup. William “The Refrigerator” Perry seen here ready to strike like a Cobra... a really fat Cobra.

Yeah, I remember the buzz about The Fridge.

Mostly I remember the 'bulk'.

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Most times the thread topic and intentions are not annoying imo

More often its the hijacking or taking it way off line that is annoying.
For instance the twitter topic was a simple question and posters somehow ended up with near hatred bile based on trump.

I think this Schenley thing is really bad idea.

That's my point. The topics get hijacked by idiots.

Not idiots. Hijacking a thread is not done in isolation.
Take my topic of Kaepernick. It was diverted to a discussion that became very polarizing. I was shocked at how many posters never understood why he kneeled. Many others don't believe in his example.
The BEST part of the topic was the realization that he is on Hamilton' neg list. And shortly after the thread was posted he went on several demonstrations of his talents.

I get really annoyed at the expansion to Chicago thread because i think obvious problems around the order of process is off. But that doesnt mean the topic is not a good one..

You had to have known there were polarizing views on Kaepernick before the thread even opened?

What would be the purpose of opening a thread on a 34 year old quarterback who hasnt played a snap in several years coming to the CFL if not to flare up controversy?

Same with the Twitter topic.. how could you not discuss Musk's apparent reason for the acquisition without discussing censorship?

There you go again. Assumptions, assumptions, Declarative statements.
But I choose not to engage with you.

WOW !!! Mark this day on the calendar . Finally , finally there is something that G%W and me both agree on . :grinning:


Something really hot just froze over. :sweat_smile:


It's called irony and satire Everyman. Lighten up.

You just did, Everyman.


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