2022 Schedule Released

Hamilton starts against Saskatchewan. Grey Cup preview?

God I hope not.

Discovered Dunns on my last trip to Montreal... the pizza, my gawd!

I wonder that as well, an attempt to build some heat and maybe interest in Toronto.



Schwartz's is the best smoked meat in the world.

I'd go to both. :yum:

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Been so long since I’ve been to either. Maybe I’m showing my age but is the Bar-B~Barn still around?

planning on going to Dunns for sure.

I've never been there myself but here's their website:

It's not a stunt if the Argonauts are playing for a playoff spot or a division lead. I get what you're saying but, objectively speaking, the Argo's aren't a terrible football team and if both Hamilton and Toronto are basically equal, a rivalry with playoff positions on the line isn't exactly a bad thing...For the League, that is...

That's basically what I'm saying. The crazy events of the EF were eventually showcased in the mainstream media as well as on social media. At this point any publicity the Argos and CFL get is a good thing.


How do the games that didn't happen this year not happen next year for sure.

Example: Ottawa doesn't host Sask, but they also didn't play in Ottawa this past season?

To me that seems like a no brainer, make sure the games that didn't get played this year are priority for next.


Given the aftermath of the last playoff game, I am guessing more Ti Cat fans might show up next time just in case.

One way to sell tickets in Toronto.

Pretty sure the league wants to avoid the Roughriders playing the Rough Riders.

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The only team Sask has a hard time with is themselves.

Maybe they're afraid after Sask tried to sue to make sure the RRs didn't come back that having them in Ottawa is "bad for the brand".