2022 Schedule Released

Toronto 4 out of 5 weeks in Aug/Sept.

That is ridiculous.


Based on this year's standings....

We play:

The Top 3 teams in the West twice
The bottom 2 teams once
The Argos 4 times
The Als and RBs 3 times

Of all the combos we couldnt actually have a tougher schedule.

On the flip side... what if the Ticats are the top team next year and the rest of us are upset that we have to face YOU GUYS so many times? :grin:

I get that it's possible Wpg and Ssk are both terrible. Just pointing out the strength of schedule as it sits today.


And they don't come to Edm :frowning_face:

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Just imagine all the bad blood and fisticuffs to come with the Argos.

Your assessment is spot on.

We better be ready. Start the core signings now.

Have a happy holiday.

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Interesting that they don't balance things out from year to year. SSK was the only western team we played twice in the 2021 regular season, and yet we play them twice again in 2022.


Played BC once this year and once again in 22, in BC this time.

Owners must have liked the unbalanced schedule. TO wants lots of home games against Hamilton for the ticket sales


Definitely for travel purposes.
Good point on the argos.

What the hell is going on ?? I don't recall the schedule ever being released this early. Perhaps part of a new CFL marketing campaign ??

I have only had a very quick look at the schedule and the thing that jumps out at me are the Argos games. It is bad enough that we have to play any opponent 4 times in a single season, but this schedule has the Tiger-Cats playing the Argos 4 times in 5 games !! In my opinion this is stupid.

I understand the desire to have the 'Cats & the Argos playing at BMO during the CNE. And then this is followed by the Labour Day game at THF.
But this schedule also has the two teams playing back to back in early August as well!! Why couldn't they spread these other 2 games out a little bit ??

The 'Cats are scheduled to make a trip to La Belle Province in between the pair of back to back matchups with the Argos.
Too much exposure to the Argos in one sitting for my liking !!

Curious to see what others think.


If the Eastern Final was any indication, imagine the heat cranked up between the teams during those 4 games. Almost like an NHL playoff series.

It might actually be a good publicity stunt for the CFL if all hell breaks loose during those games. :wink:

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Maybe Chris Edwards and John Murphy will start up their own Event Security company (X-Sculler)?

Back to the schedule, you have to wonder why they load us up every year with a bunch of western teams
to start then pull off the crazy back to backs in the east. So six weeks in a row we only play either the Argos or Alouettes. A little more variety please. Outside of that the dates and start times for most games seem fine. Only other quirk is the two bye weeks in September.

So you get head to head games when the playoff standings are on the line. If you finish the season playing outside the conference it's not as exciting.

2 games in Montreal and 1 in Ottawa, I'm cool with this.

I’ve been waiting forever for a Saturday game in Montreal. And in the summer to boot. Smelling a road trip and a good old smoked meat sandwich at Dunn’s. And oh the bagels


The only very short week, for the TiCats, comes in mid July, hosting OTT on Saturday the 16th and playing in Vancouver the following Thursday, with just one day of practice prep, for facing the Lions, rather than the normal three days.

And the Als fans here are awesome. Never get hassled when I wear my Cat jersey.

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just booked our hotel for Montreal in August.

What a perfect weekend!! 4pm on a Saturday?


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I like it!!!

Less Western teams/ More important divisional games that count...

And, perhaps a Grey Cup match up between teams that may have played only once during the season...