2022 Saskatchewan Roughriders: Colossal Failures

So the city of Regina's hometown team couldn't even make the playoffs in the year that they are hosting the Grey Cup game. Shame, shame, shame. Trouble started after they jumped out to a 4 and 1 record and then the jack-offs Garrett Marino and Duke Williams sprang into action. Riders coaches and management do next to nothing to straighten out the situation immediately and the snowball effect begins. Nothing better than watching the implosion unfold as the season wore on. Big changes are coming for the green and white next year so all I can say is good luck!!!


I’m not sure why you are starting a thread to emphasize the obvious fail in Saskatchewan this year. Saskatchewan fans are perfectly capable of criticizing their own team shortcomings and have been doing so on this forum for a few weeks. I prefer to leave Saskatchewan fans, who along with Winnipeg fans are clearly one of the top two fan bases, to deal with their poor season themselves rather than piling on.

The reality is that every year eight teams will fail to win the Grey Cup. As a Winnipeg fan I am on the top of the mountain, at least for a few more weeks, but before that suffered 29 years of failing to win. I take no pleasure in rubbing in a poor season or a playoff loss by any other team, but of course I am happy if my team wins.


Yes Jon, the majority of Rider fans on this forum criticized the shortcomings of their team but then there were the few posters who defended their team's actions regarding Marino and Williams. Sorry, but this post is directed to those fans.

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You've got to look at it from Popes point of view. The last time his team won a cup the rotary dialing phone was just being replaced by the push button and fax machines were all the rage.

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Ok. That wasn’t apparent to me.

No way man, I had a pager back then!!! The push button phone and fax machine must have been the rage in Saskatchewan back then.

Total failure by upper management to get those distractions away from the team was a real problem this season.

The real problems started last season though. But because they had a good season nobody paid attention until they got out of hand this season.

Well we just did get paved roads, indoor plumbing and electricity last year....

This is the feces slinging trolls tbat are killing.the forums and contributing to a lack of new fans

Imagine new fans coming to the CFL official forums to see.this crap

The fact this thread exisits speaks volumes to the anti cfl posters ruining the once decent forums


I would like to point out something.

The Riders fanbase have sold out the Grey Cup. Before playoffs. Before they clinched.

I promise you next year Hamilton will not sell out the Grey Cup prior to playoffs. If we aren't in the Grey Cup, I suspect we will not sell out the GC at all.

The Riders are the top fanbase in the league. The rest of the league should respect that. I love to hate on the Riders and their fans, but that's because when you are on the top, everyone wants to be there.


And I would like to point out the seats for the Grey Cup in Regina got sold early because the fans anticipated and hoped the home team would show up ... It also does NOT mean those same fans will now not attend. It is not like in Toronto or Hamilton where the fans show no interest if the home team is not attending... I know this what you said I just thought it requires repeating


Hamilton will have interest....but sell out interest? Unlikely.

Riders fans can sell their tickets ... but the game itself is sold out.

That says a lot.

Cow town or more so the bomber fans will pay a premium to see their team play in Regina. But most sask fans will still go to the game.

Nothing in the original post is critical of the Riders fan base. It was about how terrible the Riders season went downhill BECAUSE of the Riders coaches and upper management who failed to address several problems immediately which led to things getting out of control. The only Rider fans I have a problem with are the ones who defended the coaches and upper management's actions.

Not too many of them around now though is there

What did Duke Williams do? I didnt see much from him this year.

So you're saying that you started this thread as a directed troll?


Theres a LOT of seats being sold on FB for the game.

Yep...but they are sold seats.

We didnt sell out the GC last year until we beat Toronto in the ECF.