2022 Rule changes

Which 2022 rule change do you like the best?
And what rule change would you like to see?

Intention grounding. Sick of watching QBs through the ball away to avoid a sack. So bush.

I second that. The CFl game is turning into a "Don't touch me, it hurts" league. Perhaps a conversion to flag football would satisfy the present "softy" generation of fans.

The addition of the after play disqualification penalty for rough play etc. I want to watch guys play football not push shove and swear at each other and double the length of the game.

I hate the no end (illegal formation)

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The ass fumble recovery has to go. No other football league in the world that I am aware of other than the CFL has this rule. It makes no sense and rewards fluke and luck over skill. Having a fumbled ball bounce out of bounds off of your ass (or head or back or arm or leg) should not qualify as a "recovery". They may as well call it a reception or interception if you were the last to touch and bobble a thrown ball before it went out of bounds.

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I think we could extend that to football, rugby and all similar games. There shouldn't be happy accidents like that for a change in possession. I think the only other sport that happens in is soccer....

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Never watch NFL??? Same rule.


Actually it’s not.

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I like the new hashmarks, do not like starting at the 40 ( and punting from the 25 after TD).

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Item 4. Fumbled or Muffed Ball Goes Forward. The fact that a fumbled or muffed ball goes forward is disregarded, unless the
act is ruled intentional. If it is intentional, a fumbled ball that goes forward is a forward pass (8-1-1), and a muff is a bat (12-5-1).

ARTICLE 6. MUFF. A Muff is the touching of a loose ball by a player in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain possession of it.
Note: Any ball intentionally muffed forward is a bat and may be a foul (3-3; 12-5-1; 3-15).

The one that has bugged me for years is the 5 yard restraining AFTER the ball hits the ground. Especially when the ball is flipping around and players are trying to avoid it like the plague

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Yes, the refs should have an option. Not just 15 yds, let the refs ref.

I don't have an solution to this but they have to somehow get rid of all those boring 3rd and short dive plays. Way too many of them. Probably a 95% conversion rate like they had with converts before they moved those back. Same thing has to be done with 3rd and short.

I usually just skip over the play and don't even watch them but it occupies space in a game without contributing to it itself.

Is there some way to make it an automatic first down but then give the offense 4 downs to get 11 yards? Something has to change!

Or get rid of those head hunting gang bangers that have permeated
the league and whose sole intention is to maim offensive players. Ex CFL QB Don Jonas was interviewed a few years back. He stated that D men would hit him with force but never with intent to injure. There was a code among the players never to cause injury that prevented another to lose income and especially as most players had an off field job to supplement their football earnings. Hey man does your post mean you condone morons like Marino ?

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When a tackle was a tackle...Canadian style

Amen.. we learned to tackle around the thighs and midriff..

Tackling is such a lost art isn't it?

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Yes look how many so called special team players miss them. I guess they can't adapt as they were taught in college to go high.

Unlike football, rugby laws dictate how you make a tackle. ie block tackles are illegal and will be penalized.