2022 Off Season Discussion


This little sub-thread about sarcasm is too funny. :grinning:

Sarcasm??? by me??why, whatever do you mean? I am aghast! :grinning:

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Just read on 3down camp is in S'toon for the next 3 years.

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will certainly be going to take in a few days for sure.

Not seeing where Charleston Hughes fits in the lineup. Reps taken away from AC Leonard, Pete Robertson, or Garrett Marino will have to be earned. Could be controversy.

No doubt signed at league minimum with a sack bonus.

Sure would be nice to hear Cody Fajardo stand up and tell the owners to shove their contract and start treating the players better.

Kind of a vocal guy and a team leader.

True Carlos, but he is a big Jesus man. Besides, he calls pass attempts that land 10 yards from his receivers "50-50 balls". I'm still waiting to see if he can complete a pass longer than ten yards. So, I think, is the rest of the League.

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That's the leader of the union's job (at the bequest of the players) not Cody's.

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There is a bunch of players that are not saying anything. Probably for the best.

There will be no loyalty to anyone other than the players themselves. They will all have good excuses. Any player with a starters contract is going to vote for it in order to start getting paid. Worry about life next year.

Fans will be asked to pay more and they will.