2022 Off Season Discussion

Cody Fajardo's contract is a nightmare. Rookie GM mistake by O'Day. I blame Craig Reynolds just as much.

Will be interesting to see what they do. Unpopular perhaps but I appreciate the value of a veteran RB and would like to see WiPo back. O line needing help is still an issue as well.

If Bryan Burnham is available Sask would be a good landing spot

Why is Cody Fajardo's contract a nightmare carlos_harper?


Reported to be $512,000 for 2022.

No question of Fajardos integrity and desire but they were a little ahead of themselves when talking about MOP. I see him as a very good #2 but they are paying him too much for that role imo. He will do his best. It is a lot to ask with the hope of getting to the Grey Cup.

That said we don't know very much about Mason Fine.

I expect they will also be looking to shore up the O line which could also lead to improved QB play. Thad Coleman, Derek Dennis, Ryker Matthews are all possibilities.

A.C. Leonard on a two year deal is a solid signing. Does not get the credit he deserves despite being the leagues sack king. Watching the Riders move him around last year made me wonder if he wouldn't make a good MLB. He makes a lot of plays.

D line has potential. Micah Johnson won't hurt.

Who’s coming out of retirement ?

Don't get all the Trevor Harris talk. No thanks. We ride with Cody.

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B.J. Cunningham is an under the radar free agent. Will be 33. Won't be expensive.

Sorry to hear it but it had to happen with Fajardo re-negotiating his deal. Don't think he will be taking much of a hit and likely money up front taxed at a lower level to make up for it.

Market for receivers is up. Cody knows it. Maybe this helps bring Duke Williams back.

FWIW I give Eric Rogers a call and offer Begelton / Burnham money.

Further investigation reveals Eric Rogers signed a two year deal and is under contract.

Ricky Collins is next on my list.

Dom Rhymes and Keon Hatcher are looking like dead men walking with BC. Both serviceable players. Hatcher still on an ELC.

Might be best to stand back and let the dust settle on Duke and pick up a gem from the fallout.

What was the situation with Williams Lambert last year when he went home? Was he hurt or has the team had enough of him?

Not sure of the JWL story. They talked about needing to rehab and going home but still with the team. Appears contract is up and he will be an FA. Only 27.

Tough to judge much given the 2021 season but his stats were not good in the few games he played. Not the first guy who came back from the NFL and had a hard time.

Looks like Burnham signed in BC.

I don't get why they won't sign Gainey back, Jon Ryan, and let Purifoy go else where... M Johnson and a few others . Powell is a hit and miss with me, think he's on the down side of his career. But we still have some great players not signed... makes one wonder what's going on internally!!

To many free agents, and not enough money being offered up.would be my guess, Hometown discount doesn’t cut it anymore. Except on a winning team maybe ? That chance to win the grey cup money is something no one talks about, players can recoup some money if they think they can win a grey cup. Elsewhere.

Purifoy to BC is the latest rumor. Still only 29. Gotta think he will be missed.

Duuuuuke signs an extension

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Damn that's too bad. Now the haters can't gloat.

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Lots of money for a good receiver.

I stand corrected. :stuck_out_tongue: