2022 Off Season Discussion

Cody Fajardo's contract is a nightmare. Rookie GM mistake by O'Day. I blame Craig Reynolds just as much.

Will be interesting to see what they do. Unpopular perhaps but I appreciate the value of a veteran RB and would like to see WiPo back. O line needing help is still an issue as well.

If Bryan Burnham is available Sask would be a good landing spot

Why is Cody Fajardo's contract a nightmare carlos_harper?


Reported to be $512,000 for 2022.

No question of Fajardos integrity and desire but they were a little ahead of themselves when talking about MOP. I see him as a very good #2 but they are paying him too much for that role imo. He will do his best. It is a lot to ask with the hope of getting to the Grey Cup.

That said we don't know very much about Mason Fine.

I expect they will also be looking to shore up the O line which could also lead to improved QB play. Thad Coleman, Derek Dennis, Ryker Matthews are all possibilities.

A.C. Leonard on a two year deal is a solid signing. Does not get the credit he deserves despite being the leagues sack king. Watching the Riders move him around last year made me wonder if he wouldn't make a good MLB. He makes a lot of plays.

D line has potential. Micah Johnson won't hurt.

Who’s coming out of retirement ?

Don't get all the Trevor Harris talk. No thanks. We ride with Cody.

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