2022 NHL playoffs

Tampa lost at home, They are now officially in trouble! :weary:


Some numbers on Colorado’s sheer dominance in the playoffs this year.

[It’s time to appreciate the greatness of these Avs Travis Yost: It’s time to appreciate the greatness of this Colorado Avalanche team - TSN.ca](It’s time to appreciate the greatness of these Avs Travis Yost: It’s time to appreciate the greatness of this Colorado Avalanche team - TSN.ca)

I saw that just as it happened here on ABC, and like many including the announcers nobody realized what happened including by his own admission Kadri! Right OVER the goaltender too!

Indeed whatever they did to shoot him up perhaps to numb the hand, he's playing just fine.

What a time to not only come back to life but also to show up with the difference!


Looks like Burakovsky might play in which I expect will be the last NHL game of the season.

(Bednar indicates Burakovsky is a 'possibility' for Game 5 Colorado Avalanche Jared Bednar Andre Burakovsky - TSN.ca)

Also some stats on the difficulty the Lightning face in coming back and the unlikelihood that they do.

(By The Numbers: Lightning look to 1942 to avoid SCF disappointment By The Numbers: Tampa Bay Lightning look to 1942 to avoid SCF to avoid disappointment - TSN.ca)

Tampa holding their own after one period. Up 1-0. Shots 13-11 Colorado. Kuemper let in a stinker. Vasilevsky playing great as expected.

Colorado ties it in the 3rd. 2-2 with 8:46 left.

Colorado lost at home! 3-2
Things just got a whole lot more interesting


Yup. Only watched the first period because of the Bomber game but credit to Tampa for hanging in. Colorado again outshot them by a lot. On Sportscenter they said that Vasilevsky was outstanding, which he has to be. It’s not over yet.

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Most people do not know that Ron Maclean was born with a serious medical illness.
Ron Maclean was born without a spine. The CBC has been propping him up every night with a broomstick, since the only backbone he ever had to hold him up was shit canned (Don Cherry)..


To be a corporate shill requires not having a spine and/or backbone.

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Oh well I guess now even more time than we had thought after Game 2 for that cherished Stan Lee Cup at stake to be shined up and polished!

I just have the feeling these finals go to seven games plus overtime the way this series has been going since that Game 2.

The media partners are certainly happy too, and I would not be surprised if ratings are solid and perhaps in the US the best in at least a decade.

I thought we might be awarding the Stan Lee Cup today, but it will remain in its case until at least Monday.

It could of course go seven games but nothing has persuaded me that the Avalanche won’t win. They have had the edge in play 4 out of 5 games and the 5th game was even. The best goalie in the world is the only reason the series has gone past 5 games. I suppose he could do it for two more games and hope that Kuemper lets in at least one stinker per game like he did last night.

I think the war of attrition favours the Avalanche. They have Kadri back and it looks like they will have Burakovsky back tomorrow. Point looks doubtful and several Tampa players are playing with injuries, it appears more than the Avalanche. They have also played almost an entire extra season over the last 3 years. The Avs were in the same spot against St. Louis. I just think Tampa’s over reliance on their goalie will catch up to them. They can’t compete or skate with the Avs otherwise. But stranger things have happened.

An update on who is in and who is out tonite.

Point definitely out and it appears would be for a Game 7 as well.

Burakovsky a maybe, but more importantly, Nischuskin also a big maybe. That would hurt Colorado.

(Bednar on Burakovsky for Game 6: 'We'll see' Andre Burakovsky injury update Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Final - TSN.ca)

(Lightning's Point remains out for Game 6 of Stanley Cup Final Brayden Point Game 6 Stanley Cup - TSN.ca)

Vassey might be tough to beat tonight.

He seems like he's on his game.

If Tampa Bay wins then they'll win game 7 for sure.

Still hoping for Colorado to close it out tonight.

I am as well but still believe Colorado will win even if it goes to 7. Vasilevsky is the only reason they are still playing and it is very difficult to win three games in a row as Tampa must do when they are continually overmatched. We also could see another Game 2 type onslaught/blowout by the Avs tonite or in Game 7 and it is unlikely, in my opinion, that we will see a similar dominant game from Tampa.

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Hopefully you're right :smiley:

Av's not gonna win with 2 shots on net every 10 minutes.... make that 3, all by McKinnon.

Tampa hanging in but down 2-1 with 5 left. The Cup could be awarded soon.

A deserving win. Colorado owned the puck for the last two periods. The best Tampa could do was playing them even for the first period. Congrats to Colorado.

Only question now is the Conn Smythe and the Stan Lee Cup. I am guessing Makar, with Mackinnon and Landeskog outside chances.

Colorado wins.

What a relief :joy:

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