2022 NHL playoffs

I picked the Leafs just to be the contrarian, so congratulations on the pick of the Lightning who are my second team in the NHL anyway.

You bet I have been pulling for them.

I think one could have flipped a coin on that series or more to your point and result, just go with the curse.

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What a great night of hockey!
Bruins and Leafs lose!




Now for the Coilers to plug the toilet!


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That would be nice but I have a feeling they’ll win, only to be destroyed by anyone in the next round.

The irony that they used LCBO bags in that photo too!


No it is accurate :slight_smile: Bruins out
Just early

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Kings not able to play their game. Down only 1-0 after 2 periods but that is largely because of Jonathan Quick. Oilers have switched to a grind game for Game 7 and are beating the Kings at their own game.

I hope my Kings will wake up in the 3rd but I have an ominous feeling that the Oilers will lock it down. :slightly_frowning_face:

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They have the coilers right where they want them!
1 goal game, heading to the third!

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I haven’t watched all of it, being a bit hockeyed out, but noticed the Oilers are outshooting them something fierce. Still, they’re only down one.


Big win by the oilers.

Who's next? The Flames?

And that should be their only win.

In watching the game I wondered out loud why nobody tells the fans in the stands how ugly those garish orange uniforms are.


Theyll beat the Flames if thats who we get

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One thing I must say is that McDavid sure came to play and dominated the game tonite. He carried the team on his back like Lemieux/Pronger did back in the day. And just like Matthews did earlier today. :rofl: I gotta give McDavid credit as the great ones need to be great in the playoffs too and he truly was for the first time, although he still has a ways to go to measure up to Mackinnon.

It will truly be laughable if Matthews wins the Hart. He is a very good player and today he was good, but those other two guys are in a different stratosphere. The Leafs could have used some team carrying today.

Doubt it. They have no depth and could barely beat the worst team in the playoffs. They’ll play the winner of the Flames/Dallas game tomorrow. The winner of that next series can just take a knee.

Well it was a good run by the Kings and I'm really proud of these players. They are only in the 3rd year of a rebuild and were projected to finish with about 80 points. Instead they ended up with 99 points and took the McDavid led Oilers to 7 games. There were 12 young players on the rostor who just played their 1st playoff series. I think that experience will payoff over the next couple of years.

The saddest part of the Kings loss was that it was the final game for Dustin Brown. My favourite player who spent all 18 years of his career in a Kings uniform. He captained the Kings to two Stanley Cups and it will be strange not seeing him on the ice anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:


What an effort by McDavid especially on that goal of his for sure, just watched the highlights a few moments ago. Beautiful stuff.