2022 MOP Candidates

  • Zach Collaros
  • Eugene Lewis

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I agree that the award should go to Collaros unless something drastic happens in the last few weeks of the season.

Dunk brings up Carey and Rourke as being deserving of mention . . . anyone else? Who's the East nominee this year?

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Eugene Lewis?


Who's the East nominee this year?

The person responsible for instituting the present playoff format.

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Eugene Lewis

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I think MBT is starting to make his case for East nominee. It's tough not to at least consider the leading passer in the league, though I don't think he'd have a chance at winning over Collaros.

Lewis from the east. Will end up slipping into third for recieving yards, if Acklin is out. Third for recieving touchdowns with 9.

Maybe even a defensive player like Wynton McManus?

Would Canadian be Olivera vs Gittens?

Good question. Oliveira is putting together a solid season. But even with the time lost to injury, I think Rourke gets a lot of votes for West nominee.

Gittens I think is the most likely East nominee at this point.

Rourke for MOC at least

oh look who is back in action today

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This could make the playoffs very (even more so) interesting.

How do you Stamps and Bombers fans feel about the prospect of having to face the Rourke-led Lions instead of the VA3-led Lions?

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Bring it on. To be the best, or in this case remain the best, it is important to play the next best. If it happens hopefully there won’t be blizzard conditions in Winnipeg on November 13th. Not looking for an Eastern Division style playoff freebie.


well just because he’s up throwing doesn’t mean he is definitely playing. QB passing practice is one thing, but being cleared to physically play and endure the violence of playoff football is a different matter altogether. that doesn’t even consider his timing, reads and game feel, all of which will be expectedly rusty.

True. I doubt he'll be playing this week. But perhaps in 3 weeks . . . ?


right now i would just like the fact that Rourke is actively participating in QB practice to light a fire under VA3’s arse lol.

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Who knows? He might not take another snap this year or he might be back before the playoffs. The prevailing medical wisdom says he will be out until next year but he says he is a fast healer…

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I would say Rourke.

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If you exclude things like games played, most everyone would say Rourke is MOP. That is what the eye test tells me.

When we look back on this season, I would say Rourke had the biggest impact and is the best player.

It doesn't mean he's going to the NFL and we better give him his accolades now. Remember Casey Printers?

But I see him as the best. Also, Collars and Olivera for that matter, I feel benefit from their overall team play and system. Olivera wouldn't be as good as Ouellette if Olivera played in Toronto.

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And the nominees are . . .

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