2022 Mock Draft

So, I think we're all trying to kill time in the offseason. Post your mock draft. Obviously, teams might not take the best player due to NFL interest.

Round 1

Edmonton- Tyrell Richards LB- Lets be honest, the Elks could probably go a number of different positions here. I do think that they might go with Konar, McDonald and Richards at WLB.

Ottawa- Enock Makonzo DB- The Redblacks spent big in free agency. I think adds depth to the safety position and can play some SLB.

BC- Jalen Philpot WR- The Lions lost both Johnson and Durant this offseason. He is a speedy reciever form BC.

Montreal- Zack Fry OL- I believe he played RT for the Mustangs and may add some depth behind Landon Rice.

Calgary- Tyson Philpot WR- Played for the Dinos and the Stamps may have a need with Mayala leaving.

Toronto- Deionte Knight DE- He could get a look in the NFL, but I think the Argos take him, because they like rotating in Canadian dlinemen.

Saskatchewan- Noah Zerr OL- Saskatchewan boy, who played LT for the Huskies. The Riders could use some depth at tackle, with Boyko not being resigned.

Hamilton- Peter Kozushka OL- Played LT for the Golden Bears, Ti-Cats need some depth and if he can play LT at the next level, then bonus.

Winnipeg- Anthony Fedrico DE- They could take Merchant here, but they really need a defensive end, now that Kongbo is gone.

Round 2

Toronto via Edmonton- Adam Machart RB- With Andrew Harris jn the double blue, it just make sense to have the best RB in the draft learn behind him.

Ottawa- Nathan Cherry DE- Boateng will be the starter at DE, Cherry might provide some competition for Kene Onyeka as the backup.

BC- Tyrell Ford DB- The Lions played Hakeem Johnson at field CB a couple games last year, maybe it becomes a Canadian position.

Montreal- Jayden Dalke DB- Cranston is now a Redblack and Dequoy is the starter at safety, let's add some depth to the Al's

Calgary- Josiah Schakel LB- Keep adding depth Judge, maybe Sopik could move to safety?

Toronto- Nate Edwards LB- will add depth behind Muamba, Cassar and Hoyte.

Hamilton- Joshua Archibald DE- The Ti-Cats could start a Canadian in Bennett at defensive end and will need some depth.

Winnipeg- Cole Adamson DT- Had to pick a Bison here and could be the future behind Thomas.

Don't know enough about the territorial pick to do Edmonton and Ottawa.

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Federico was picked twice. :s

At least it wasn't by the same team ... maybe he will be traded after being selected #9 but before Hamilton's second-round selection (e.g. Federico for #16 [??] and #28)

Did Saskatchewan lose their 2nd rounder (#16)?

If I could be serious for a moment, brave of CrazyCanuck1988 to post a mock draft, and thanks for doing so ... usually some great debate.

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At least he didn’t draft a dead guy.

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Make sense for the Als

Not bad, at least in the first round.

Josiah Schakel would be a good territorial pick for Edmonton, but maybe Calgary takes him just to stick it to Jones. lol Ottawa might take a flyer on Luketa hoping he could shake loose in a few years from the NFL.

Argos taking RB Adam Machart at #10 ?? He's a little small for the pro game IMO. They might look at picking an Off Lineman there especially if OT Sage Doxtater signs down south.
Maybe the Argos would look at Machart at their #15 pick but there is also a 220 lb running back out of Bryant U Daniel Adeboboye also available. I would like to see them take QB Tre Ford there if he's available.

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Machart could probably add 15lbs and be fine at the next level.

I think Tre Ford goes in the third round like O'Connor

We shouldn't be surprised if Kyle Walters takes the player that everyone THINKS is going catch on in the NFL. It might take a year or two to get him up here but we can be patient. Our Canadian depth is at 'near flood level'. :grin:

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Bombers lost Harris at RB, Desjarlais at O-Line; Kabongo at D-Line; their so-called "depth" might be not near what you think it is. Augustine, Oliveira + maybe Borsa might continue to allow them to go National at RB; maybe last year's draft pick Dobson shows up for O-Line help. They have little faith in Canadians playing starting roles on their D - a number of guys who might be considered decent depth (Gauthier & Briggs can play LB and could easily start IMO); who do they have behind Demski & Wolitarski at receiver? D-Line ? They need some help this draft - we shall see what they do.

As far as top picks for this CFL draft - as discussed above: Ottawa have Williams as a starting import MLB and last year drafted D. Stevens as a big LB prospect - so why would they look to Luketa even though he is an Ottawa guy? And with all of their new FA signings at O-Line, plus some young guys still on the roster, they should have zero need there (as was Desjardins draft focus) Ottawa also has Pruneau, plus signed Cranston and last year's pick Addae (might get an NFL look?) for safety, so why would they be interested in another safety type in Makonzo (and they have Auclair as a OLB type where Makonzo might end up in the CFL?)

T. Richards a 1st overall pick ? - based on what? - certainly not college ball production but who knows what Jones - a genius in his own mind - will do.

D. Knight - a big DE who has the size to also play some DT reps in the CFL might be a top pick, but not if he gets an NFL look.

Adam Machart - very impressive shifty RB who is sturdy between the tackles as well - will likely get written-off as too small by most CFL scouts, and he plays a position where most teams think of Canadians as depth.

Tre Ford - I'll be shocked if any CFL teams gives him a serious chance to compete at QB = same old $hite for Canadian college ball QBs who are written-off by the CFL clique of decision makers. Might get drafted as an "athlete" mid to late rounds.

A bunch of all-star U Sports O-linemen: Fry, Zerr, MacKellar, Brown - should go fairly early? I'll guess both of the Philpot twins go early at receiver as well (and BC and the Stamps do make sense for them IMO)

Frederico & Archibald seem like solid DE prospects. Be nice to see them drafted by teams in real need there (Bombers, Stamps, maybe Argos for example)

A pretty good crop of DB prospects this draft as well.

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The last time that he drafted first overall he took Josiah St John. :confused:

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Yeah - Div I US college ball resume, but hardly a proven starter there; so maybe he would apply the same thinking to take Richards 1st overall ? Jones likes "athletes" that he can mold into whatever with his genius. Doubtful he is thinking a starter or impact player with 1st overall - even though the EE have holes galore; an athlete who can provide some good ole "depth" is what his thinking of Canadian players probably is.

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Pruneau is getting older and maybe gone next year. Cranston is ok and Howell has also had some injury issues. Makonzo makes sense and has also played the nickel back/strongside linebaker role in college. Auclair could be a safety, but I think they like him as depth at WLB. They could go after one of the Philpott brothers or reach for an Olinemen.

Edmonton could go with anyone. Makonzo, one of the Philpotts. I doubt they go with Knight since Jones just got rid of two Canadian defensive ends. Yes he can play inside, but his talent would be wasted there.

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I could see Jones going after Knight 1st overall (IF he gets little NFL interest) - just as a guy who could play some swing reps at both DE & DT.

Ottawa - who knows - they have accumulated a lot of Canadian talent - both with recent FA signings, and with the possibility of up to 5 guys from last draft showing up; don't see any O-line need, but they could go there, just because of standard CFL "futures" thinking at a position where a lot of teams draft often; could also see them going with one of the Philpots, even though they have added Noel, S. Johnson & undrafted FA Corby to go with Behar (and likely have just one NI starter receiver anyhow (?) I just don't see Makonzo making any sense with Pruneau, Cranston, Howell, Auclair plus maybe Addae showing up too.

The CFL draft is super tough to predict or make sense of - ultra limited or myopic view of Canadian talent from a lot of them ... always leads to whacky, WTF or seeming nonsensical picks - usually some lacking finesse draft picks where they target a guy they liked for some reason with a high pick, but who they could have got way further down the draft board. Trying to guess position need or a good fit is often way off base.

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It is hard to predict, many didn't see the Cole Nelson pick coming last year from Edmonton, but he had a good combine. Ben Hladik, fell to the third round, after many thought he would go in the first. Same with Bandy, falling to round 5.

Addae, could be a late round pick in the NFL draft, his height might cause him to drop, but his college production was good.

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And Cole Nelson - top pick - had next to zero playing time on the EE D last season; guy picked on size and maybe some Combine #s but with little college ball production to back it up. Sunderland was pretty clueless in the draft IMO - probably could have got that guy way further down the draft and picked a more accomplished prospect with a top pick instead. Also used a fairly high draft pick on that GGs DE with not that much on his resume, and he didn't play for them either.

Hladiik could have went to a team that had serious need at MLB competition - like the EE and Als last season who had the position marked for imports only - and they had mediocre at best play with that thinking.

We'll see if Jones has any draft picks who make any type of serious impact.

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I see Alabama WR John Metchie III from Brampton has entered this years NFL draft. I would think he goes to the top of the 2022 CFL draft list. Projected as a 2nd round pick in the NFL so may never play in the CFL. But maybe some CFL team takes him as a late round pick just in case something changes down the road.

I'll guess all CFL teams pass on using a draft pick on Metchie - like with happened with Claypool = too sure a bet of sticking in the NFL and never showing up in the CFL.

Good news for this CFL draft though, is that he might be about the only sure-fire big NFL interest Canadian (maybe Luketa as well?) who CFL teams have to worry a lot about never seeing ?

Kudos to those that know and have followed these players. U Sports takes some work to follow.

My guess would be that the first pick will be available to any team interested although not sure which player would warrant that move other than as part of a package.

Could see Ottawa taking a Philpot second.

Sask might move up to be sure on Zerr and Winnipeg picking both Tyrell and Tre Ford and being happy would not be a surprise.

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