2022 Grey Cup Photos

Don't know if this it's okay to post photos, but my son and I had such a good time in Hamilton this year, i thought I would share some memories.


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Nice shots, great memories.


Thank you. The kid bought tickets in the wee hours the morning of the East Final. He could have flipped them on Stub Hub for $1500.00 apiece after the Cats got in. No way he was selling!

Still have some to post. I do three photos per day.

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The couple with my son are the Aunt & Uncle of #85 for the Bombers. Cdn nose tackle. They drove up from Nashville to see their nephew play in the Grey Cup :grinning:.

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Keep them coming , love the pics .

Just a few FYI's and fun facts about the last two you posted .

The fan dressed up in the Grey Cup costume is the mother of my sons girlfriend . Around these parts she is known as the " Crazy Cat Lady" :smile_cat: I mentioned her in another thread on the Cats home forum .

The last pic you must have the number wrong . I don't believe that number #85 has been worn by any Bomber player since Milt Stegall retired .

WY cool bobo: My son will get a kick out of your connection. I'll take your word for it on Milt's number. Maybe their nephew was wearing 58. I do know he is the Bombers defensive nose tackle.

Probably 95 Jake Thomas?

I echo BoBo’s sentiment. Keep ‘em coming.

I am thinking the pictured couple may be related to #95 Jake Thomas.

And who is the dick that took the first picture?:joy:

Hey, Grant Fuhr is Rider fan. Who knew?


Yes, that's it! Jake Thomas. His aunt & uncle are cdn. Retired to Nashville.

The gal on the right is a hottie.

Saskatoon boys with the Riders and Als jerseys :grinning:.

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Last one is at the East Final in Toronto.