2022 Grey Cup Hotels

Hello all. just starting to make plans for the Grey Cup in Regina this year. Could anyone recommend any hotels that would be walking distance to weekend festivities and not too far from Mosaic? Sorry but not too familiar with Regina.

I've heard that all the hotel rooms are already sold out? (I hope I heard incorrectly)

After a Google search, it appears that you are correct sir! What are the other options? Camping in Saskatchewan in late November?

some Calgary fans I'm friends with told me they are going to rent a couple big RV's and drive!

They apparently have a nice upscale modern Hotel in town or if you like you can bunk out on Hank's couch if you like . Barring that you can stay at Oscar and Emma's Bed and Breakfast or perhaps rent out Wanda's garage .

It's just down the road and just a little out of town and Brent would be happy to drive you to the game for a nominal fee of a couple of chili cheese dogs .

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LOL Jackass! Would love to stay there (classic Bobo right there!)


after @Area51 shat on Hamilton for lack of hotels (which we have many more rooms available than Regina), I'm curious to hear his comments.

I just searched Trivago and there are 5 hotels with vacancies for Nov 20th but the Ramada plaza is showing $4,500 for that night.
I would imagine that most tickets will be snapped up by locals anyway and not too many out of town fans.

The Hotel sitituation is really bad in Regina . Delta hotel sask are two for consideration.

Last GC hotels we sold out fast and early . In Regina we (4 buddies) rented a strech RV and parked at the impact parking lot near the Casino. GC offerd parking for RVs @ 120 per , so we got a much better deal. We also "joined " a local health club for showers and hot tub access--important feature believe me

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I always stayed at Air B nBs when I drove across country taking in football games. Including Regina

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It is quite close considering how far some people in Sask drive to a game.

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Still following. Can't believe all hotels are sold out already!

That is BS that you can't get a hotel room almost 11 months in advance of the Cup!
Why hold it in Regina then?? Build more hotels ffs! (unless you could afford $4,600 per night!)

I usually stay at the Double Tree. Close to a couple of bars downtown Regina and about 20 min walk to the stadium. Fairly nice rooms with a balcony and a decent restaurant. Just up the road to Casino Regina. Probably will be a bus route to get around. No pool though.

I've also stayed at the Hampton on Dewdney Ave which would be where all the bars are on Dewdney.

Regina is small enough to get around. Can basically get anywhere in 20 minutes.

Edit as I realize you say there's no rooms.


This would be downtown Regina. Probably q 15-20 min walk to the stadium.

Thanks for your help, I'll look into this!

if its anything like the last grey cup the events were kind of spread out and were not within walking distance. it was alot of fun but didnt get to walk to to many events

But if you and 2 friends split the cost…

You can stay at the Empire Hotel for 1% of that cost and put the rest of the money you’ll save in that transaction on the other Grey Cup festivities


Funny, I think I once waited :20 for a train to pass to get into their stadium.