2022 General Discussion Thread

Na'ty Rogers played 10 games for Montreal in 2018 and 4 games for Ottawa in 2021. Not sure what Sask was thinking deciding he was starting quality.

I expect to see Jamal Campbell in Montreal and continue to wonder why they did not bring back Brett Boyko. I assume Rogers is playing for less and maybe he plays center. Boyko never looked as bad as Rogers has so far.

Receivers depth is also poor if they do not get Williams back soon. I would have brought someone in by now. Nick Holley high on the list.

Anyone reading in the Rider office please pass the advice along to Reynolds and O'Day.

Absolutely blown away that you are not successfully employed with a 6 figure income with all the insights nuggets of wisdom and the pointing out of everything those actually employed at those jobs always screw up… or just do not do right… . if only they can find a,way to get you on staff they would never lose another game and win every grey cup until you retire
Was that a tad over board… i tend to overdue the praise st times for that are just so smart and not getting the recognition

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Good move to bring in Mario Alford.

Very good returner and probably more importantly lightens the workload for Morrow.

Na'ty Rodgers has not looked good yet. Lucky that he was not disqualified along with Wakefield last game.

Receiver depth is atrocious although those standing are doing their best. Counting on Moore to come back and have an impact is highly optimistic.

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