2022 Free Agent Quarterback Stocking Stuffers

Might any one of these soon to be available gunslingers be on your GM's wish list? Some of them might be looking for a team of their own:

  1. McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Toronto Argonauts
  2. Dominique Davis, Ottawa Redblacks
  3. David Watford, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  4. Dane Evans, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  5. Jeremiah Masoli, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  6. Isaac Harker, Saskatchewan Roughriders
  7. Jake Maier, Calgary Stampeders
  8. Zach Collaros, Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  9. Sean McGuire, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Source: These CFL quarterbacks are set to become free agents in February 2022 | 3DownNation

Of the quarterbacks signed through 2023 expect Matt Nichols and Devlon 'Duck' Hodges to be available should the right amount of used chewing gum be offered in trade. Trevor Harris might be too old and slow to fit into the Alouettes scheme of things as a starter but I'm sure that someone could use a backup of his calibre.

I badly want Evans back with the Ticats

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I don't blame you. Would Evans be willing to bide his time as second banana to Masoli for yet another year? Or will the Ticats have to part with Masoli and commit to Evans to make this work? I'll bet someone's going to make Evans an offer he can't refuse.

My guess based on nothing but fun speculation which is worth nothing .

MBT - will get a look somewhere else in the west most likely Winnipeg , Edmonton or BC .

Watford - will be resigned Ham

Evans will be resigned Ham

Masoli will get signed somewhere else Toronto /Ottawa in the east .

Maier will be resigned Cal

Collaros will be resigned Winn

Harris will be resigned Mont

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Alot would love to have Maier as a backup.. but he likely re-signs in Calgary to continue his apprenticeship under Yoda

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I suspect that Maier will want a starter's salary and Hugnagel will politely say f*** you (since he seems to have no problem finding new quarterbacks under rocks). Both Evans and Maier might get multiple offers. They're both still in their twenties with a ton of upside.

That would leave Vernon Adams out of the mix. If Khari stays for another year I think it more likely Harris leaves and Adams is the guy - unless Harris takes a huge pay cut and stays on
as a vet back up.


I don't think so Maaax.... Maier is smart enough to know he is not ready to be a starter and there is no where better to learn than the hollowed halls of McMahon. Who would pay him starter money in 2022 anyways...only possibility is Ottawa and they likely have different plans.

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I'm gonna stick to the notion that Maier is READY to take over the reigns of another club at a starting salary, while Huf is too good at finding guys like Maier to offer up anything more than a backup's wages.

Jake Maier goes to the highest bidder next year! But don't fret too much Mrstallion, Bo's going to come back in the best shape of his life and make everyone forget that Calgary used to have a backup who could take his place. :grin:

what ever happened to mat nichols?

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why he was 4 for 9 and 1 interception. he did nothing in the time he had just like the last grey cup!

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Careful with that prediction. Saying someone is ready to be a starter elsewhere after only a handful of meaningful starts is really going out on a limb.

Fans said the same thing about Jonathan Jennings, James Franklin, and Nick Arbuckle.

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I think finding out who is going to be General Managers in Ottawa and Edmonton and if Orlando is going back to Hamilton vs NCAA will be impactful on who ends up going where but I have always thought Masoli would become an Argo. He would be welcomed in Ottawa but it just seems to easy to move to TO.

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I think you are right about Bo Maaax, he will come back better than ever

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Not on the QB when two passes were deflected and when oline wasn't doing there job well

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With the lack of quality QB's and the marketplace that could easily happen .

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An off season shocker would be: Zachery Collaros not resigning with Winnipeg. Not going to happen.

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Mat Nichols hasn't retired yet so I guess he's available to play in 2022 for Ottawa. Mind you, Ottawa may not want him back. If he's healthy and unsigned come June I'll bet O'Shea welcomes him back to Winnipeg as a backup.