2022 Financials

Looks as though the Riders did all right last year despite a lot more empty seats at Mosaic.

Hopefully some of their new pricing (and new players) can fill those seats again.

Factor in an infusion of $3,301,882 — the Club’s 40-per-cent share of proceeds from an immensely successful, Saskatchewan-based 2022 Grey Cup Festival — and the overall surplus for 2022-23 increases to $7,184,928.

Overall cash reserves are $29,247,512, compared to $25,950,216 one year ago at this juncture. Net assets now exceed $50 million.

In 2022-23, the Roughriders were able to earmark $2 million for the Stabilization Fund, which had a value of $9,146,486 when the 2022-23 fiscal year concluded on March 31.


Still lost over a million in gate revenues. Definitely not a good sign.

I was surprised there was not a full house for opening night and the visit of Winnipeg last Friday night.

Definitely still work to do in order to get back up to pre-Covid levels. Fortunately, they’ve built up a strong safety net over the years to help them through the rough patches. And a $7 million surplus in a down year is something at least 7 other clubs would love to experience.

“Recognizing the strong financial results of the past year, the Club is very cognizant of the economic challenges facing Rider Nation going forward,” Paul said.

“Record inflation, increasing interest rates and overall increases in all consumer goods are impacting everyone’s bank accounts.

“Saying that, the Club is committed to working through these items, as one thing we have learned over the last couple of years is that we can navigate challenges presented to us.”

With that in mind, the Club has reduced the price on 9,000 tickets for the 2023 CFL season, introduced a $99 family pack for home games, lowered parking prices, and worked collaboratively with REAL to ensure that each concessionaire at Mosaic Stadium has a $5 menu item.

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Everything is costing more these days, I’m sure it is affecting attendance too. Mortgage payments are causing lots of spare money to go to the banks.

Saskatchewan AGM meeting is available on Youtube reflecting on 2022. Unfortunately the forum doesn’t allow us to post it.


They didn’t lose a million in gate revenues, the revenues were down from 2019. But the gate revenues would still be more than any other team in the CFL.

Thanks Dave, it didn’t work for me but glad it worked for you.

I see it as a crack. At one point the game last Friday would’ve sold out within a few hours of tickets going on sale

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Same in all the CFL cities, the Ottawa home opener usually is close to a sell out but only around 15k this year.
Calgary and Edmonton way down.
Vancouver and Montreal both had pre-game concerts with some popular artists that bouyed their attendance.

There’s too much doom and gloom around here. You guys are doing great (and so are we). The TSN Viewing Audience has spoken. :smiley: :+1:

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The Riders TV audience has spoken. Two weeks in a row the top rated TV audience was the Rider game.

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All CFL TV viewing audience polls run through Rome… I mean ‘Saskatchewan’.

And we have no idea how many watched on-line.
TV numbers will come down because of the cord cutters and people signing up for TSN on-line and the CFL+

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In fairness, I suppose they still made $2 mil more at the gate than Winnipeg

When they came out with the vax passports , many turned in there season tickets. I know of some that won’t return because of it. The dropping of of Cody ticked some off. Clark not resigned with no reason given… these all add up. We had a bad O-line last year, every one knew it, but the riders management refused to state that. They need some improvement… was their answer!! These all add up to gate sales. Am I wrong???

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Hopefully you don’t get suspended for stating an obvious observation.

Suspended for what??? and why!!

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