2022 Elks Training Camps

Will Chris Jones wait until after the game to cut everybody else, or would we see another slate of cuts before the final exhibition game?

What is normally done in the CFL in the preseason before the final cuts after the last preseason game?

I don't know if we will. Usually the second pre-season you start with your starters and then have a last look at guys you aren't sure of so, that being said I guess it depends if the players make the decisions for them this week whether there are cuts.
We added a WR the beginning of the week so there is some question there still. Morley Scott thought Derrel Walker looked more like his old self and he caught everything thrown at him so I would guess he would be as close to a lock as anyone. Just seems we still have a lot of linebackers, wide receivers, and defensive backs in camp.

The depth chart/Roster for tomorrow night is posted here My guess is the starters for all positions have been posted in the #1 spot for their position - with exception of QB.

Looks like the QB's are going to fight it out tomorrow night for second and third string spots as Arbuckle left little doubt last week he will be starting.

One interesting change was McKever, Listed as a wide receiver at 6'6" 260 lb (bit of a bruiser as a wide receiver) is shown on the depth chart at Defensive End. At first glance it's an odd switch but given his size and hands he could be a perfect fit...given he can tackle well.

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That move has Chris Jones all over it as he did with A.C. Leonard in Saskatchewan.

If he plays receiver I have to wonder about McKever's speed beyond about 5 yards, for if he has it even average for receiver who will cover him?

I like this move to defence too, for otherwise you can take this guy with great hands also and put him into some offensive packages after making some adjustments, including for an end on Team Jumbo, whenever you want to fake the 1-yd quarterback sneak that no longer is converted successfully as it seemed it was about a decade ago.

I was thinking more that throwing bubble screens or screens on his side of the field will be dangerous business too.....

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Former Elks head coach Jaime Elizondo will be one of the offensive coordinators in the XFL when the league relaunches in February 2023.

I don't wish him or his new team luck then either.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks I needed a belly laugh today......Wait until they see what he has designed for an offence.....

The first game at 10PM ET next Saturday at BC will be another one of those late ones, but I'll be able to catch it along with probably the second half of the first game in Regina.

I am just not one to sit through an entire double-header any more.

It's too bad I can't catch games during slow-time at work any more like Friday nights like tonight would be, so we shall see how things are on the pirate seas.

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Jalen Tolliver released. Another episode of the Manny Show coming soon.

Time to grab grass.

If this is the only thread then just drop the training camps and we have 2022 Elks. Call it Reg season if you need to meet a minimum content requirement.

Here's the cut-down tracker via 3-Down, for the CFL site's tracker is not updated or perhaps they just put a new link somewhere (why!?). I don't know any of these guys:

Released: American LB Victor Abraham, National DB Dotun Aketepe, American REC Ka’Ron Ashley, National LS Blaise Barber, National RB Jean-Paul Cimankinda, National DB Kenan Clarke, National OL Tyler Clucas-Warren, American DB Jhavonte Dean, National LB Nate Edwards, National DB Nate Hamlin, National PK Greg Hutchins, National OL Peter Kourtis, American PK Caleb Lightbourn, American OL Emanuel McGirt, American RB Terrance Roberts, American LB Quart’e Sapp, American REC Christian Saulsberry, American OL Brandon Smith, American REC JD Spielman, American DB Jeawon Taylor, American REC Jalen Tolliver

Practice roster: National QB/FB Michael Beaudry, National OL Marc-David Bien-Aime, National REC Rashaun Simonise, National OL Cole Nelson, National OL Nicholas Summach, Global PK Rafael Gaglianone, American REC Raphael Leonard, American RB Sherman Badie, American REC Charles Nelson, American DB Anthony Hoskins

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Those wild and crazy Elks decided to keep 4 QB's on the roster to start week 1. Is your cagey GM planning to trade one away later on? Taylor Cornelius maybe?

Methinks if Arbuckle really nails it over the first few games we'll see one of the four come loose. We might also see Chris Jones crack a smile.

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The Aussie is a member of the commonwealth! Haha

Maybe they will play my new space age offense dream:
TWO quarterbacks at that same time that throw and run. Deep snap to either like the old single wing backfield.


Martavious Jackson appears to have made the team as a returner. Glad that his hard work paid off and wish him a good year.

Don't think he will break Gizmos record but could take one back. It's been a while.

"My space age offense dream" features strap on rockets and Japanese cheerleader sex robots. :grin:

Jone has always looked for everything he can do to play better and they did have Ford and Locksley playing pitch and catch so who knows. All our QB's (except Arbuckle?) are capable of running the ball well so who knows?

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Ah Max, there you go again, too much information ...

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In my Texas wishbone option playbook, a pitch is a run.

You pass and catch :wink:

Thanks to ESPN fir that metaphor.
Not your bad. I understand. Still love ya!

I love it!

Glad I joined this forum to fully appreciate and make sure I watch the CFL on
ESPN+, all the way down here in Texas !

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