2022 Elks Training Camps

Looks like all the draft picks showed up for their camp today to see if they are ready to hang with the big boys.
Looks too like training camp is open to spectators too. Look on the site, there are instructions for parking and entry plus the rules you will want to follow as well.

Good lord willing, a CBA, and some nicer weather might just get me out next week...


Looks like they got all 10 draft picks signed. Looking forward to see who carries over to camp. One almost sure bet is the last guy we picked probably is for sure. We needed a long snapper.

As far as talent goes, looks like we dropped three players and added 9 the last couple days.
It is a bit odd though looking at the depth charts how there are lots of guys at some positions but only one or two at others. Of course with our coach there could be guys who play at x and could play at y too.

Well forget ever being excited about a real season this year.

Since the CFL decided to end talks that means if there is anything left of a CFL or a season it may start in August........

Thanks for starting this thread. Give the effective round two of negotiations some time now that they are talking about actually proposed numbers and terms versus all the spit-balling and bluffs of the last few weeks.

It doesn't matter much, Paolo. I have been a fan since I was small enough my sister and I shared a "seat" at Clarke Stadium.

I find treating (skilled) players like grocery store employees offensive.

Well 17 players were released amidst all the fuss otherwise on Saturday for the league.

I am not terribly familiar with the names of those released.

Otherwise it is interesting they have signed an Australian kicker named Crough, who counts as a National under grandfathered rules.

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It's the best way to go. Sort through for the best guys and get the guys who won't make it out the door. Give them a chance to land somewhere else.

They have a lot of talent to sort through so I expected some big cuts to be made early.

Indoor workout today. Outdoors was well....we reached the average low temp 6 C as a high temp today, and there was wind and rain and lightning and it was just generally nasty.

If you watch the video Jones wasn't digging the intensity today but that probably means he will help remind them of the work ethic he wants to see tomorrow, and probably not gently.

They do seem to be going through Wide Receivers, two more out and two more in today. Obviously looking for something specific from the guys they are looking at.

I love Aaron Grymes. He so gets being an Edmonton Elk. If you haven't already jump over to GoElks.com for the video updates along with Aaron Grymes and Mark Korte's reactions to the new jersey reveal.

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I'm just going to fist-bump this thread so you can keep the comments going with any updates.

Now we watch and see who is cut after the first exhibition game.

They dumped Cardale Jones already, which I could have told them before they signed him but oh no, they had to try out yet another washed up ESPN-hyped Ohio State quarterback who peaked in college!

From Coach Jones comments he couldn't figure out which team to throw it to.