2022 Elks Regular Season

Well the active roster has been so jumpy that I am jittery, but it's the same difference before every game so far this season.

And next week is our bye week, so there is plenty of time for many to heal up.

We pulled off those two wins somehow and it was fantastic right, and then were able to hang around Calgary on the road in the first game against them for three quarters.

That right there is probably at least 90% of our season highlights, which leaves the rest of our 2022 game footage for perhaps outtakes for public service notices and announcements from the "Edmonton Wastewater and Sewer Authority" or whatever it is called. Community ownership has public benefits! :smiley: :partying_face:

Questions and Comments

What happens when Ford, Locksley, and Walker are back?

As noted above, the newcomer and former NFL player LB Kony Ealy should be making his first appearance in two weeks after the bye.

It looks like a solid move to go all-Canadian at running back, for we open up a slot where we are loaded at receiver and can play four Americans there now.

Names on the 6-Game List Whom We Need Back

Names on the 6-Game List Who Can Go Already
Wilder, Junior


Rock, paper, scissors?

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you missed Appolon and Cobb.....

Reputation of a bull dozer running style. Should be fun to watch.

Any word on ticket sales?

+8.5 point underdogs at home on a warm summer Friday night. I think they win the game outright, tick off the bookies, and send the fans home happy.

Hoping for a good crowd.

Well that was disappointing though at least not an utterly crap-tastic spectacle.


Well it will be great to have the regular starters on the line back, for there were zero sacks by our defence though Collaros was limited in passing.

We gave up the big play so as to allow them to seal the win.

Decoud and Carter better learn how to tackle better, for if you cannot stop the YAC in pro football you are most certainly toast.


That offensive line is shaky and we have no real running game, but then again our regulars are back so will that offensive line step up?

Athleticism and heroics can get the YAC, but they won't get the wins or major yards without some decent play by the offensive line.

Cornelius will be better when he has more options than just to drop back and throw or try to run away from the big uglies including a few who are unblocked!

Big plays were all blown covers - by Carter, and he had 1 tackle on the day....

A moronic penalty extended the final drive after we had stopped them.

We need designed bootleg plays for Cornelius. Freeze the line backers and reduce double covers and blitzes.

Holley = butterfingers. Dropped almost as many as he caught.

Punt coverage was better when we punted shorter. Teach Mengle to punt with more hang time....

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Great assessment ...

On punts if you can't get the hangtime with the distance, you punt directionally so as to either compel a catch on one side of the field, with the coverage altered to corner the kick returner, or the ball rolls out of bounds as is just fine if the kick returner does not catch it.

That's better than the crap Castillo was kicking short and with a no yards penalty on one occasion. What is the point of punting for less than 30 net yards, and I am being liberal here!?

Without the skills for a coffin corner and punting it short, your team is no better off than if your punter had just kicked it into the end zone to let it go for single or an attempt at deep return with coverage.

Of course occasionally you can get lucky and the punter can recover the kick if the receiving team has a brain fart, or of course if you can sneak a player onside before the punt.

Decoud I will cut a bit of a break - he's halfback on the opposite side of the field. Sonnier should have been there and Gainey was probably covering run. They showed the long downfield angle on Sportsdesk and you could see Gainey loosing his mind over the blown cover...

Oh and Irons had a great game. As hard as he ran I couldn't understand why we didn't get him the ball more. Be nice to see him chip and release and maybe play a little pitch and catch with Cornelius, it would help back off the blitz...


Well any day now I hope this week, we will see who is moved off the 1-game, 6-game, and suspended lists so that perhaps for the first time of the season we have the makings of a more consistent roster.

2-5 so far is below mediocre results and zero wins in the division is terrible.

The only positive is we worked hard for those wins on the road and did not give up when it would have been easy to do so and there would be a host of excuses passed off for such complete failure.

Rookies cost you games and with the guys we have played in the defensive secondary, there have been mistakes that cost us wins and chances for last minute wins.....
Bye week this week and I saw at least one key guy practising last week (Jake Ceresna) so hopefully we get a lot of healthy body's back. Fortunately, the team in front of us is only two games ahead with a much rougher schedule from here on out.


Long time fan never posted before anywhere, I am wondering about the team president. Promises were made and certainly not delivered. Is it true he left the top media company in asia worth over $1 billion to take the job as Elks President? That just doesn't make sense to me. I am wondering if he is as great as he says he is. Guess we'll find out soon.

Yup... he built the Asian version of UFC. As a business owner you don't need to be there every day to "run the business".

Edmonton is home and he has always been a fan so he came home to Help out and get the business end of the Elks running like it should.

He is working really hard on promotion now which is far better than it has been in recent memory. You can't just stick up billboards and call it a marketing strategy.


Well, I wish him the best of luck. I read mixed messages about his success in asia, Still confused but a lot of things confuse me these days. Go Elks!

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So, back to the scene of the first game slaughter this week.....
I will want to see the injury list before any prognostication but i will bet we will be much better at the least.
At least this time we know what we are dealing with.....


On the flip side the Lions don't quite know what they're dealing with. Chris Jones has made a lot of changes since that first week 1 encounter. :grinning:

All depends who is back this week off injury. We could really use Grymes at halfback, Nafees Lyon would be nice too at DB. Jake Ceresna was back at practice before the Winnipeg game so he should be back. Wilder would be nice to have back as we haven't had a duo at running back all season.
Cobb should be back soon too.
Tre Ford should be healthy, Locksley and Walker should be good to go, Appalon should be back soon. So would Christian Rector, Daniel Ross , and Jordan Reaves.

Big 6 game list........hope it starts getting shorter here soon......

Oh, and Tre Watson, hope he's back too. Just can't believe Montreal threw him away for nothing....but that's Danny...he does stuff like that.....

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BC's just a measuring stick. Chris Jones is too busy evaluating talent to worry about winning. He's quickened the pace since NFL camps opened. Looks like Phase two will involve bringing in fresh new American faces. After that... he'll likely field a roster that's very different from this one.

It's getting more and more interesting. I've never seen anything like this.

Don't doubt it. Probably looking at ex-CFL'ers who get cut down south as well....

Just makes we wonder what the heck is going through the GM to the east's head during all this. Three game slide QB says "middle of the pack" and they releade 4 guys from the practice roster. Really - they are standing pat with a lot of the team Jones built with a dozen changes.....

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I think so. Jones can't grab every player who comes loose but he's going to jump on every position that he needs to improve. I hope he leaves us a Stove. All we need is one.