2022 Elks Regular Season

That's part of it too. We have played BC, Saskatchewan, Calgary Hamilton and Calgary. Winnipeg has played Ottawa twice, Hamilton and Ottawa. Riders have played Hamilton, MTL Elks and MTL, BC has played Elks, Toronto Ottawa.

We are the only team in a first year rebuild after the last bunch threw away all out draft picks and CUT SHAWN LEMON WHO WE WENT OUT AND GOT AS A Free Agent!! They threw away so much talent and messed up so much of what was here that here we are!

Way too soon to talk about changing coaches way way too soon......

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Well on this much I agree with you.

The first half hardly did us in, and a win was still well within reach.

But that second half oh no.

The recent mad scientist experiment with Tre Ford, to Jones' and the Elks' credit rising all above the many detractors who did not give them even a small shot at Hamilton as we noted all over that thread, is over for me.

The Elks showed no promise in that second half at all after having plenty of time to regroup after that storm, which is a bonus for any team in a losing position.

...but that's what happens when you have young guys who are rattled. Rather than be aggressive they are timid and trying not to make mistakes...and an old experienced QB will rip you apart......

In addition I don't see Jones ripping guys apart, he's just going to work building guys up and building skills.....

Well, so it's Cornelius now. Sink or swim!

Backed up by Beaudry - a Canadian. 6'5" 248 lb QB. First game on the active roster for the 25 yo.

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Oh well we roll the bones tonight because there is nothing else to do but not play.

Well......finally got to see Cornelius in a real offence where we used that good right arm.

Montreal got no sacks. We stretched the field well and well thrown balls made DB's choose PI or a catch and tackle.

Had a bad few minutes in the 2nd quarter with a few missed assignments in the D but we turned it around and once we took the momentum on the Konar interception we never gave it back.

Good win and with more west west match ups on the slate in coming weeks and a bye (at last) in week 8, we are sure not out of it yet.....


Sounds to me like one plan will be to use Duron Carter to cover Agudosi and nullify the height advantage. Could be a good matchup and I am sure they will test DC if he does play.

If the Elks can build on last weeks passing game and string a few plays together it will be closer than some expect. Add 2' to Lawler's catch radius just to show the boys what the Bombers let walk away.

Defense has to stop the Bombers on second down and give the ball back to the O. The short pass has replaced the run game as the key to time of possession. Nothing you can do when you are not on the field.

I'm waiting to see the depth chart. I was expecting limited playing time for Carter any way. But not at safety as Hutter has been very good and getting better..

Looks like Nyles Morgan will be back at LB, Holley will be back at WR, but Watson, Walker and Locksley may be out. Jake Ceresna looks like he will likely be back after the bye week but who knows for sure - he had a shoulder injury so conditioning may not be an issue.

Hopefully, we get some more guys back after we finally get bye week next week.

I like it. He's only 30 and can play just fine and we need the help on defence. He'll have a few weeks to ramp up.

I can't stand this butt-dragging on depth charts! What is the guideline anyway? Do they have to wait EXACTLY until 24 hours before a game? This is BS.

Doubt it....just point out the quarterback and say go get him...

Seriously though, on the DLine we have Reaves, Coe and Ceresna out this week and we need help. Hope he's in game shape....

Kinda obvious though someone said something to the teams about injury reports as they have been more accurate lately.

Elks say we have Ceresna, Coe, Tre Ford, Locksley, Lyon, Reaves, Derel Walker, and Tre Watson out this week.

Yes normally I would doubt it too, but in the article they state they put him on the one-game injured list already so you figure that's because they are going to ramp him up with the defensive schemes.

It's not enough to be a great athlete when you are out of position to play team defence for any given scheme of course.

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So on D we get Morgan and Taylor back at LB, Carter is listed #2 at Free Safety and former Wide Receiver Raphael Leonard moves to SAM DB.

Offence Hakeem Butler (former NFL TE, for Eagles) takes over for Walker, Irons makes his first appearance at RB, and Holley takes Locksley's spot at SB. Also Beaudry who has been on and off the roster moves to #2 on the QB depth chart.

We could see both teams fielding All-Canadian RB's this game. There's an outside chance that your Elks MIGHT let Beaudry take a few snaps... then the only Import on either team behind centre would be Zack. :smiley: :+1:

Look at his bio and tell me he isn't the guy you would give the ball on third and short......He's a bruiser for a QB.....

Never mind former Cardinals and Eagles TE Hakeem Butler starting at WR at 6'5" 230 lb......Should get @Paolo_X all excited...


There you go! So we probably WILL see Beaudry behind centre! :smiley:

(Paolo gets excited over potatoes by the way)


Aye indeed I must admit to this fascination, though I don't eat them very often any more, which is not simply due to the legend of Pepi Longsocks.

For example, most everybody remembers that cheesy yet legendary song by Whitney Houston with its signature line,

"Didn't we almost have it alllllllll ...but we did NOT have our fried ...potatoessssss...!"

There's a marriage or relationship secret right there too I bet.


Why wouldn't you use a guy who's bigger than a lot of line backers on short yardage........

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Personally I'd use the biggest baddest brute on my team weighing more than most freight trains to carry the ball on short yardage... and hope that he doesn't kill the guy blocking in front of him.

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