2022 Elks Regular Season

That might work in the first 1/4 of the season where a lot of offenses are still trying to gel...but after that it ain't gonna work too well.

That was a better effort. Much better effort.

Defence played well enough to keep us in it. Special teams were good. Offence moved the ball decently.

Gives me hope. When things work it's fine tuning to get better not wholesale changes to fix things. Yes there was a lot that could have been better but you could see the team starting to gel a little last night...

Best part was we found out the defence could be effective rushing three. Costigan and Ceresna are a hand full as was indicated by all the flags for holding last night.


If things keep improving for your EE's at this rate then WE'LL be the ones wearing the bag.

Aye it was just for the game given last week's thrashing.

It only worked for three quarters though.

We shot ourselves in the foot too. Some bad snaps, an interception that should have been thrown away, a missed field goal.

Mostly stuff that can be cleaned up. It's just time and practice.....

Looks like the defence have the opportunity to play 3-4 or 4-3 which is a bonus.
Learn to disguise the 4-3 and you get great pressure without blitzing. Costigan and Ceresna played really well yesterday and caused a lot of havoc in the second half when we were playing 3-4

Nice to see Konar lay a few licks once figured out how to defend the run better at the end of the game...

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The Running Game Is AWFUL On Both Sides Of The Ball

I have some video to watch for more feedback, but look at the running game plus I told everybody months ago that keeping Wilder was a bad idea.

I hope they are searching for a TWO replacements, with perhaps one of them who can return kicks or play special teams, so we have a committee back there for now.

Meanwhile, look at the run defence. When your CFL opponent can run the ball like that, you just are not going to win hardly any games if any at all.

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Here are some brief game notes after examining some of the video.


On the Riders' touchdown drive before the half, I think Jones should review the film of the defence and send a few guys packing including #24 Lyon who could not cover a quacker of a pass that turned into a reception on the big play of that drive. That was an average Friday night high school play.

#37 Decoud completely blew his assignment for the last Riders' touchdown with the receiver wide open. That has to be fixed now or I don't see it for him either.

Offensive Line

The blitz pickup needs a ton of work as does the run blocking.

Arbuckle took some coverage sacks, which I will get to next.


It was heavily Lawler to keep us in the game, but don't you think going forward that every defence is going to key on him to force us to throw elsewhere? There's more capability, but enough via Arceneaux and Holley? The jury is out, but I think we need far more depth at receiver now too.

We really missed Walker to injury I figure.

Jake Ceresna did not even play on Saturday. He was placed on the 6-game injured list on Friday after the depth chart was released.

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Alright now this time I'm going to have to pass on your generous offer.

Thank you? :no_mouth:

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Watch that one again - OPI he got a shove just before the ball showed up....really well done by the receiver but when you catch ducks from Fajardo you gotta do something.....

Defences will key on Lawler anyway. All the better because they can only double him or Walker....

O-line play is about footwork and working together. I am sure we will get better there to. Korte will be back next week too and that will help. Saskatchewan blitzed a fair amount which will help when watching tape and practising this week so I will bet we will be better.

Arceneaux I though we could have used better. He's a big target on slants and over the middle we could use better. Holley seems to run hot and cold - when hes on hes great when hes not - butterfingers.


You are welcome as always Paolo. May a plump turkey peck your enemy's low hanging man fruit. Stay happy.

Give my regards to the old man stomping potatoes down the road! :smiley:

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The Edmonton Elks announced Tuesday, that the club has added Charles Nelson (WR), Martez Ivey (OL) and Jacob Plamondon (DL) to the active roster.

In addition the Elks have released Martese Jackson (RB), Claudell Louis (DL), Shai Ross (WR) and signed Nick Coe (DL) and Ben Davis (DL), with both players being added to the practice roster along with Jalin Marshall (WR).

No surprises in releases. Shai dropped balls and when he had the chance didn't come back to the QB in the 4th for what would have been an easy TD. Claudell wasn't here long and Martese didn't impress as a returner.

Coming in, Nelson played 7 games last year as a return man for Winnipeg.
Ivey is a 6'3" second team all SEC Tackle and a rookie.
Plamondon is a rookie DL who played for the Dinos and was part of the 2019 Vanier Cup team.

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And now for your enjoyment... Potato Game Historical Footage compiled by Canadian Film Board at taxpayer expense! :smiley: :+1:

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Well, after watching the first 3 weeks of games the only team that is remotely close to being as bad as the Elks is Toronto. I wonder if any team in history ever went 0 and 18? They could easily go 2 yrs. without a win at Commonwealth.

No Toronto played far worse last night. And this is a team room please do note.

i know it's a team room, I was just making an observation. As a 35 yr. season ticket holder I don't want to go though another year like last year but things look a little bleak at this point.

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Awww... poor BLM hurt his foot....

I wouldn't say that. We were probably three plays from winning that game.

I saw two distinct things that need work.

  • Sam corner back.
  • Running game

We need to get Litre running between the tackles, and get Wilder outside more or at least running up the old hash marks.

This could be awkward at family dinners. Elks release Ethan Makonzo to make room on the active roster for younger brother Enock Makonzo.

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