2022 Elks Regular Season

We do get Makonzo back at LB, so everyone on that side is back where they belong.

Locksley is back as well at SB/QB. Also nice to see Hutter is starting Safety as Carter hasn't impressed back there yet.

Well it was a worse case scenario last night for me. There I was staying up late even though I had to go to work early today, and darned if there is a weather delay during halftime so I didn't get to see the second half.

Now it's off to the highlight video to see how we botched it again though it's as if that kickoff return for touchdown, right after that great run by Cornelius for touchdown, was a bad omen for our team.

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Our defensive secondary is utter crap. I have no answers, but beyond making Carter the backup there have to be more changes.

You would figure that Jones would have gotten this part of the scouting right by now.

Some of those hardly great big-play completions by the opponent's quarterbacks after the ball has been hanging up there are inexcusable.

It's even worse when our defender is flails or falls not even close to making a play on the ball.

Fire the coach of the defensive secondary at the very least.

This poor performance has happened so many games now that he clearly has not reminded them to turn and look for the ball including after they see a receiver's eyes too.

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Cut him. Directly cost us at least two games so far. No more excuses for him. We had the Riders stopped with an interception but the bonehead commits PI away from the ball.......

Past that - hard to forgive the refereeing last night. The only way Rogers stops anyone is by holding them. He just about ripped the jersey off the DE every play last night and gets called once for holding.

I am no fan of when refereeing determines the outcome of games and it sure as hell did last night. Poor effort all around by the crew. Apparently if you cleanly beat a block its Pyramiding now.


Wayyyyy too many BAD penalties.....undisciplined.....the fumble and kick off return might've been a slight difference momentum wise....

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DB seems to overrun the play and flail their arms... can't someone yell "Ball" when its in the air or close to the receiver??

Anyone know what happened to the "ELKSFANS.COM" site??

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If they're getting rid of coaches the OC has gotta go! I've been to highschool games with more imaginitive play calling. Up the middle for 2 yards and a 4 yard pass doesn't cut it!

Very disappointed with what I've seen. Hoping Victor will do something meaningful. Like I said, I read very mixed reviews about his business acumen. C.mon Elks turn this season around!

This is an already next year team, last game was a must win for them and they blew it. Bad penalties, bland offence and the worst special teams in the league.


One thing for sure - its time to part with Carter. He's not making the cut....

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Well this is it guys. Away and home against Ottawa is our chance for two wins or bust.

Away and home against Calgary of course is not looking good.

So here is the depth chart for at Ottawa:

Note Carter being moved to starting corner.

Note these guys are some of those still on the 6-game injured list including some who have been on there already for more than 6 games and who have not even played this season.

So now that we are at the midpoint of the season already, are they coming back at all now?

Will it make much of a difference if it's not until after early September anyway? :roll_eyes: :unamused:


Tre Ford is a wildcard for later, but I figure if he were to present upside this season he would matter NOW and not if he comes around later in the season if at all.

you missed Tre Watson...and both Tre's are on the 6 game still.

What we need as much as players back is to quit with the stupid penalties......We just killed ourselves with them last game.


He can show up in these two games against Ottawa, or he can go.

I thought him playing safety was a stretch from the beginning and his missed coverages and especially the dumb penalty away from the ball on what would have been an interception last week mean he can't handle that spot.

Welllll.....we won. We did it in style in the second half. Sounds like the team decided they wanted to win.

How we could be so....merde in the first half and look so good in the second half is disconcerting to a degree but...its what you get with young learning teams.

In the end we decided to go out and win in the second half and that is a step forward. Now we need to start that from the opening whistle......

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Indeed it was a tale of two halves. I was amazed and happy for the first time since that last win, which was a comeback at Montreal.

Now I hope we add pieces who are healthy to the current depth chart and whoever was still on the field for the second half.

I thought the defence looked great. It's not always the oppositions quarterback not executing, sometimes it's our D was good.

Probably the best we have been against the run and it forced a lot of second and long situations for Ottawa.

Offence didn't miss on 2nd downs in the second half, which we needed. Every one executed well and just worked on one first down at a time....

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If anybody would like a potato sack, I'll be handing them out virtually this week before the next game.

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