2022 Elks Regular Season

In a lot of ways I find it funny all the guys who "Chris Jones goes through players so fast......yada, yada....." and yet he took them from 4 wins to winning in one season. Guess they are just bitter they don't have as many Grey Cups as Edmonton has Stanley Cups....

He's been given a mandate and he's executing. If next year's Elks team is a winner then he'll have accomplished what he set out to do. It's a little frustrating that Elks fans have to wait a bit, but in the end they'll have something to cheer for.

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Yup..it's a process. Don't know if you saw his last post game but he was grumpy.....and he was right. There were probably three other games we had an opportunity to win and didn't (Sask, First Calgary game, and Winnipeg)
Nice to see that despite the rebuild he wants wins.........


According to Wednesday's injury report,

Many of the key players still not on the six-game injured roster are back and available except for Tre Ford. I'm eager to see the new depth chart hopefully by Friday evening.


So far the non participants at practice are Tre Ford, Ethan Makonzo, Steven Neilson.

Kai Locksley and Tanner Green who were limited on day one were full participants on day 2.

Malik Tyne was DNP day one and limited day 2.

Taking it easy with Ford and Makonzo is a good move to me. they are guys we could use but lets get them totally healthy and in shape before getting them back on the field.

...and we get a big piece in the run stop/pass rush game back in Jake Ceresna this week. He and Costigan were big pieces in a terrible season last year and having them both healthy and playing will definitely allow the Elks to go 3-4, 4-3 as needed in Vancouver.

We also get Nafees Lyon back weeks early because he worked so hard on rehabing his shoulder. Good to have him back, especially against BC's passing game.

Check out our depth chart with so many players back! I very much like our chances at BC.

Duron Carter starting at safety? Hands and reading the quarterback on progressions yes but tackling and not getting caught too far upfield? We shall see.

Makonzo is back too.

Notice Ford, Grymes, Rector, Ross and others still on the six-game plus Lacey on the 1-game.

That and Decoud starting at SAM Linebacker with Lyon taking his spot at halfback.

We do get a big piece back on the D-line too with Jake Ceresna back. Look for him and Costigan to cause some havoc for Rourke.

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Woh are we terrible. I figure we have to win both games against Ottawa coming up home and away now.

If we lose three in a row, I don't think Chris Jones should keep his job.

Well this is a rebuilding year Paulo and the further down the standings the Elk's finish... the higher the draft picks they'll get. Also, maybe the top ranked Global Player next Spring will be something other than a kicker. The Elks are kinda flush with kickers right now.

And don't forget, the last place team is automatically entered into the CFL draw for a chance to win a year's worth of potatoes! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aye yes, yes indeed, thank you for this ...encouragement :face_with_peeking_eye: yet again.

You know I was not a fan of Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks though do appreciate the immense talent.

You reminded me of that signature opening line in that annoying hit that goes

Well here you gooo again, you say ... you want your potatoes ..." :thinking:

Indeed now we have the hope for such potato dreams!

Thank you again, @Maaax , for now I shall feel better for a few days before the nerves of game day! :woozy_face:

Don't thank me. Thank Potatoes. Potatoes fix everything. :grinning: :+1:

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I look at it this way.....Rourke has completed one less pass than Evans, who has thrown 60 more passes....

Rourke is 81% completion.

Those two fumbles at the start of the game and the D trying to hold three strait series was just too much. That horrifying stupid drop by Carter right in front of the whole team took the steam out of everyone.....and we just went backwards from there with dumb play errors and a loss of confidence by the offence.

Good teams don't give you space to recover, and we didn't.

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This team has got to start showing some signs of improvement for me to stay interested in going to games. With the price of everything going up it's getting so it's not worth what a person spends to get to the game, parking, etc. I'm getting more than a little tired of watching the loses pile up again this year.

You guys play Sask, Ott, Ott next. Expect to see "some signs of improvement". Also... expect to see a trainload of NFL cuts arrive in town during that period. Chris Jones has heard your gripes and has shifted into "improvement mode" just to retain your business (kinda like what MTS does when Shaw comes knocking).

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I'd like to see Jones give Locksley a shot at QB, IMO capgun Corny just isn't getting it done. Like I've said before, they've got to stretch defenses, this 5 yard pass crap is not working.

Well the roster is shaping up stronger yet again for this game with the Riders visiting, so though it is an uphill battle to victory I'm done with any more excuses for poor performances.

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Lawler's doing all right. Just get 3 other receivers to mimic his performance so far and you'll he headed for the playoffs before you can say, "LwkhtqihgahjtOWGHowgiyrOGuifyh" (that's Klingon for "Potatoes are dish best served warm smothered in gravy").

John Candy Okay I See GIF - John Candy Okay I See GIFs

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Happy Potato to you too Paolo! Soon the Elks will be poutine in a butter effort! They will be wieners and then the rest will be gravy! :smiley:

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The depth chart is out for the games against the Riders late Saturday night.

Notice Aaron Grymes and Christian Rector still out and not due back any time soon.

Deon Lacy is still on the 1-game list too.

It's now time to at least show up or ship out the coach in September.

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