2022 Elks Regular Season

Training camp is over Final cuts have been made, We seem to have kept all four quarterbacks but with two of them playing pitch and catch in the last per-season it adds a whole new chapter to the playbook.

First tilt is next Saturday June 11 in Vancouver vs. the Lions.

After Fridays ummm...lack of success, it's probably going to be busy week getting the basics right.

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'Busy' AND 'historic'. You guys will be getting ready to face the first CFL Football team to start a season with two Canadian QB's at #1 and #2. If Tre Ford somehow manages to totally crush it in practice this week there might be THREE Canadian QB's in the mix. When's the last time any of us thought THAT could happen?

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Ah I crossed threads with you and posted this comment in the other one.

Thank you for starting a new thread.

Do you know any of those cut? I don't.

I think in three games we will know either what we have or don't have on this new defence.

The offence is loaded with a whole lot of playing experience, so now we'll see about the new playbook and hopefully have a vast improvement over the greatly underwhelming performance last season.

In this age of COVID as I pointed out in a rival team's thread, more quarterbacks is the right move let alone the risk of easy injury.

Sure these guys are in shape from the off-season, but gym and field workout shape are not the same as game day shape and it does not take much in the heat of battle to tweak something and be out for weeks.

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The bodies are coming and going at a dizzying rate. Chis Jones just made another move today (a trade with BC). It's a good time to be name tag maker in Edmonton. I have a feeling that you'll be down to three QB's on your roster by sometime in July. If Arbuckle shoots the lights out (instead of his foot) then I have to believe that one your four gunslingers, maybe Taylor Cornelius, goes on the auction block to bring in yet ANOTHER player who can help RIGHT AWAY. There's a sense of urgency amongst the Elks this year. It's kinda different.

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Different take - Cornelius has a lot of upside but had little help once he got in the game last year because we really had no experienced QB's to help him. All considered - he didn't do that badly. I remember a few other QB's that had problems throwing to the wide side at first like Dunnigan, Moon, and Ham. I bet if we do anything, we will move one of them to the practice squad for now.

Getting the right chemistry in the dressing room is important too. I would bet there is some weeding out to do to make everyone feel some urgency in the dressing room.

(@Paolo_X, click on the link for Final Cuts in the first post)

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Three kickers on the practice roster and one kicker suspended all behind Castillo.

I wonder what is shaking here?

They should have kept that Hugh O'Neill and his beard, if they had to cut him because its growth took up two roster spots with him, I suppose I can understand. :thinking:

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So, with pre-season complete, the roster coming into focus, and EE’s first game in BC on Saturday – here are some thoughts about this 2022 version of Edmonton :face_with_monocle:

I realize that pre-season is just that > ‘pre-season’ - - But the two games the Elks played were polar opposites. A nicely executed game plan against the Grey Cup champs; great QB play; good pass/run balance; defense played well with 3 takeaways. The second game against the Stamps, they did a face plant - - mediocre play on both sides of the ball; poor tackling; turned the ball over 6 times!

So - - I was thrilled with the results in game 1; shocked and discouraged with game 2!

That being said, it’s now regular season. Which version of the Elks is going to show up? There’s been lots of positive change this year up and down the organization, a good solid coaching staff, and this team definitely has more talent than last year’s car wreck.

Any thoughts fellow EE and CFL fans? With the first week of the 2022 season starting, there is absolutely no love for this team. Seems we are dead last - - unless we prove otherwise.

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A few other fans here including me are fine looking forward, but how are the locals?

Are the locals still hungover angry from 2021? Or to me even worse, is there greater apathy locally?

I'm actually talking about the sports media and CFL fanbase. Most articles by the media and thoughts shared by football fans have no love for Edmonton. For whatever reason, despite a very productive off-season and positive change - most think we are the worst team - - dead last - - as a comparison, the other bad team from last year, the Redblacks, the messaging is completely different.

Ah well that sounds like more of the same eastern media bias and there is nothing new there.

I'd be more interested to know the local vibe and don't pay attention to what they think or don't in GTA anyway.

The second game is a last chance to make the team for a lot of guys. Calgary already had their lineup set and just swapped a few last looks in and out.

I am sure that like the last time he was here, Jones will get the procedural penalties cleaned up. We will also get the QB situation cleaned up. Reports had Cornelius on top of the depth chart most of camp, so he has skills. They just need to get him settled and get his timing working better.

Yes there are a lot of things that need work but it's not an instant thing.....

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I believe though that like he did with Prukop, they will have play packages for each QB we dress in any game. Jones knows the way to move an offence is to confuse the defence so I expect the unconventional.

I'm fine with Arbuckle as number one. Confidence is a huge thing and he has both the skills and the coaching to be that guy.

My wish is the same @JBMarin . Be competitive. Be in the game with a chance.

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The game is in two days. Just trot out the depth chart already.

Key Players Out Early Season

Duron Carter
Aaron Grymes
Tony Washington

Notice "illness" as essentially code for COVID, which is knocking out a few players.

And some folks not on this team thread question allowing three quarterbacks let alone keeping four!? :roll_eyes:

I told you so!

Redblacks made some good moves. Patched up the O line and got a good QB. Like everyone they will need to win the interdivisional games with the schedule skewed that way.

I picked Edmonton second and do believe they did enough to be competitive.

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...and Cobb.

I think though coming out of camp we are deep enough to manage while they heal. the only worry is Safety. Tough spot to fill but we have enough guys in the middle of the D with enough experience to help out with cover calls.

Here's the depth chart. Here are some notables:

  • Look at Ford slotted in as a backup receiver, but of course we know he can throw too.

  • What happened to Cornelius? Locksley beat him for the backup slot!?

  • Rookie Trey Hoskins starts at corner after being promoted from the practice squad

  • Rookie Malik Sonnier starts on the same side at SLB though plays as a DB, so we are going practically to a 6-pack secondary in the defence in the base set

  • Former NCAA, NFL practice squad, and XFL tight end McKever makes his first-ever pro football start on defence at defensive end

  • Rookie Wesly Appolon makes his start at WLB - his twin brother Woodly plays for Ottawa

Cornelius is on the injured list....

Jones had a plan for this (maybe why we had so many DB's in camp). He likes rushing from everywhere so maybe part of his plan?
Looking at stats, the running games for many teams are taking a beating with the narrower hash marks and the inability to spread the defence.....

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It will take time for offenses to adjust. It's not like the field size changed. It's a matter of adjusting to how to use it from the position of the ball now more often nearer the vertical centre of the field.

It's not as if that present reality was not the case before whenever plays finished in the central vertical third of the field.

Thank you. I see it now on a depth chart link page 2.

The confusion is at hand because there are two depth chart links and two injury links! How about just one link via the team site!?

Notably there are some other choice names on that 1-game injured list as well.

Carter, Cobb, and Grymes are out 6 weeks!

Hopefully some of the other notables will back including Cornelius.