2022 Elks Off Season

Absolutely think Michael Reilly would accept a trade to Edmonton including a new two year deal. Hearing Chris Jones mentioned his name.

As is he is in his final year.

Where are you hearing all this?

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Speculation by Terry Jones in the Edmonton Sun. Typical off season news story imo but I do think Reilly would like another year if he can get it.

Ah, speculation is great when made clear that's what it is. Thinking outside the box can be a good thing.

It isn't speculation about McAdoo. . . he's already been hired.

But as for Jarious Jackson, I haven't seen any source rumouring him for QB coach in Edmonton. . . and he's with Toronto as OC so it would be a step down anyway.

Nor have I read about "Chris Jones mentioned his name". Not that mentioning someone's name means anything. . .

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gracias carlos!

Sounds like buying a house in Edmonton is not a good idea for Nick Arbuckle. Making too much money at $340,000 to be a #2.

Might get Evans and could probably land MBT for the same if they felt it was an upgrade. MBT would at least be a known situation where they don't have first hand knowledge of Mike Reilly.

Reilly might sign a two year $1 million deal if it gets offered. Believe he is still in the $700,000 range with the Lions.

One problem is Fajardo making $515,000 and others wanting to be paid accordingly.

I think you're right about that. Jackson and McAdoo sure didn't give him a ringing endorsement did they?

Why do I have this feeling that Arbuckle is going to wash out of the CFL like Jonathan Jennings and James Franklin before him? Lots of hype as a backup, and then fall flat on their faces when handed the keys to the car.

Assume they used the 2021 money for Arbuckle's bonus and now have him on the books for $240,000. Makes for one more good player on the team.

Would also appear they are willing to go with Arbuckle which was not so clear a couple of days ago. Dakota Prukop also under contract along with Taylor Cornelius is not that bad of a group.

Reilly was making staying put one more year noises at the end of the season. He liked the new ownership and what was going on there so far.

I think with the right game plan any quarterback can be serviceable. Cornelius would be in the lead in my books. McAdoo likes the deep ball and Taylor has the arm for it.

In these times as the world works things out before the league is able to work things out for another season to begin on time, for sure there is a premium on healthy availability before all else. I agree with you.

If you can sling it and call plays and complete close to 60% and not merely fling it or fumble it, "okay, you're up, get in the game" when the starter is out for whatever reason.

Team room, your not part of the team, your a fan.

That's right. Are you a fan of this team?