2022 Elks Off Season

kneel on first and second down, but throw to the endzone on third?

I kind of like that.

Ballzy and entertaining.

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With only a 5 point lead?

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I'm not familiar with the specifics on the situation in question.

But I definitely think it's pretty damn cool to drop knee on first and second down, then throw to the endzone on 3rd down. (even if they are up by 5, as it appears they were?)

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That entire offense has to be rebuilt with or without whoever remains and is not cut.

Special teams need an upgrade on kick coverage.

Pass defense needs vast improvement.

I'm sure there is more, and now there is time.

Elks at least have a QB under contract for 2022 with Nick Arbuckle. Hope for Arbuckle that he plays and gets his career back on track.

Also thinking Chris Jones will like Taylor Cornelius given his size and potential as a DE if QB doesn't work out.

Many pieces to work with are already there.

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CJ (I'm calling him 'CJ' so I don't have to type 'Chris Jones'. My extreme laziness has gotten the better of me. Sorry. It's a fault I have to work on in the new year) will dump the bullpen he's been handed and start anew. He'll put his own mark on your franchise by signing either Evans, Masoli or Maier. My money's on Evans. Get used to winning again you sorry excuses for a football team. :smiley: :+1:

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I dunno. I have this feeling that he's following in the footsteps of James Franklin and Jonathan Jennings; couple of good games filling in for a starter, gets folks to think of him as the next big thing and then. . . nothing.

Ten minutes with Bob Young when the time is right and Dane Evans will be a Ti Cat for the next three years.

Well you have to admit... Arbuckle was the ONLY quarterback who beat us in a meaningful game this year. That's gotta look good on his resume.

Given the explanation it would have been less work to just type Chris Jones.

Jones mark will be on D. Curious if he pays Muamba.

Chris Jones on speed dial

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Jones whipped his phone out so fast it burst into flames. In addition to Charleston Hughes he's now in the market for an 'iHell 6'.

Elks paring the roster early with a few established players packing up.

Derek Dennis and SVR may have something left for anyone looking for a LT if they are still interested. Armanti Edwards always intrigued me for his versatility and ability to play QB. It's been a tough two years for many of the players.

Of interest is that Derel Walker was not among the early cuts.

I'll pass on SVR and on Edwards on these.

Hearing what everyone was saying with McAdoo and Jarious Jackson in line to be announced as the next OC and QB coach. Both have been criticized in past positions but then again which coordinator has not. Can't really picture the offense they would run.

Marcus Howell as run game coordinator is a step up the ladder for him. Not sure about Wilder but look forward to more of Walter Fletcher who looked a lot like Charles Roberts in limited action last year.