2022 Eastern Semi-Final -- TiCats @ Montreal

Als first to declare their roster.
No changes that I can see, among starters, from their last meaningful game on Oct. 22.

The TiCats' line-up will bring a few smiles:

Changes, compared to their last meaningful game:
Hills @ RB
Van Zeyl added as a OL backup
Newman dressing as the 3rd QB
Manalo listed as the backup FB, rather than as an extra backup to Santos-Knos on D
Hayes in as punter

So, Hills, Van Zeyl, Hayes and Newman have been added and out are Jackson, Ungerer, Gnahoua and Domagala.


Hayes ( punter) added as the Global player replacing Gnahoua (DE/ SPT)
Back up receiver looks a little thin with just Smith and perhaps Thomas- Erlington .

The big change is Nick Usher is healthy and will rotate at defensive end with Moore and Davis.


Would have preferred Godwin over Johnston. Hopefully Johnston has a game.
And would have found a way to get Vosean Joseph dressed.

Nice to have solid backups on O in Schiltz, Saxelid, STE, Smith and CVZ


Light rain forecast for Montréal Sunday…..

Latest on the weather ... light rain / showers now possible throughout the game, but more likely early as 70% chance, at kickoff, drops to 40%, before half-time and stays at that.
No change in forecast winds, still from the low 20s to low 30s (km/hr) blowing in from the protected south end of Molson Stadium, and so, favouring the team on the right of TV screens.

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Quite possibly the healthiest we have been all year?


Great read here

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That's the way it's been for 2/3 of this year's games.
It may seem "thin," though, following 4 straight games with two backup receivers dressed, not counting STE and FBs.

I guess I miss Ungerer who is the Swiss Army Knife . He's a depth receiver , special team cover guy and punt returner .

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For @bobo82
(click on it makes it huge)

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It's highly probable that Don Jackson has played his last game for us...

For everyone who thinks that the Ticats don’t know how to draft (and sign) quality players, here are some of our draft picks from the past 4 years who are on the game day roster for tomorrow’s East Semi Final game vs. Montreal:

Gordon White, 8th round, 2019

Coulter Woodmansey, 1st round, 2020

Mason Bennett, 1st round, 2020

Bailey Feltmate, 2nd round, 2020

Tyler Ternowski, 3rd round, 2020

Stavros Katsantonis, 4th round, 2020

Mohammed Diallo, 3rd round, 2021

Felix Garand Gauthier, 5th round, 2021

Myles Manalo, 6th round, 2021

Anthony Federico, 1st round, 2022

Kiondre Smith, 4th round, 2022

Blake Hayes, 2nd round, 2022 (global draft)

And that list would be longer if Jake Burt and Nic Cross weren’t out for the year with injuries.


Sorry to ask, but who is Hayes?

Has he pointed before, and what's his average?

Aussie punter who had a very good college career.
His 1st regular season game was last week against Ottawa.

Due to our "regular" International player, Gnouha, getting injured, we need to play an International somewhere.

"Sacrificing" Domagala is probably the best option.

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